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Funko NFT: A New Dimension in the World of Digital Collectibles

Mar 26, 2024
Funko NFT: A New Dimension in the World of Digital Collectibles

Funko NFT is a digital collectible for Funko Pop enthusiasts. There is some misunderstanding about what Funko NFT (non-fungible token) actually is, largely due to the quality of the products released. The widespread distribution of these products has raised concerns about their quality and has also led to ridicule from fans who excessively praise them.


Funko NFT: A New Dimension in Digital Collecting - news

What is FUNKO NFT?

Funko NFTs are digital collectible items from the toy manufacturer Funko. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital versions of popular Funko Pop!TM collectible figurines. Buying such a set gives you a chance to obtain rare digital versions of these figurines. They are sold in stores starting at $9.99, and purchases are made using the platform.

Digital Pop!TM are stored in Digital Pop, a wallet for digital Funko collectible items. These NFTs are similar to collectible cards but in digital format and represent various characters and designs from Funko.

Collaboration with Droppp has led to the creation of a specialized platform and marketplace for buying and trading digital Pop!TM. This system, operating on the WAX blockchain, makes managing and tracking digital assets convenient, simplifying the process of buying and collecting digital Pop!TM for fans.

The Popularity of Funko Pop NFTs

The popularity of Funko Pop NFTs is due to several factors. Firstly, the physical Funko Pop figurines are already hugely popular due to their unique design and variety of characters, making them desirable collectible items. The limited edition of some series enhances their value, as collectors aim to acquire rare pieces.

Adding NFTs to the mix intensifies this effect, providing proof of ownership for a unique digital item, attracting both collectors and investors. For example, Funko's collaboration with ViacomCBS to create blockchain-based NFTs featuring iconic "Star Trek" characters allows fans to purchase exclusive digital versions of their favorite characters. These digital products not only serve as collectible items but can also include additional benefits, such as receiving a physical figurine.

Thus, the combination of exclusivity, brand appeal, and integration with popular franchises makes Funko Pop NFTs a popular choice among collectors and fans looking to expand their collections with unique digital and physical items.

How to Buy NFTs through

Buying Funko NFTs is possible through events, offering both standard and premium card packs. To make a purchase, follow these steps:

  • Register on the website.
  • Fund your account with the required cryptocurrency (often WAX tokens).
  • Keep track of announcements for new drops and be ready to participate as they go live.
  • Purchase a standard or premium pack during the drop.
  • Add new Funko Pop NFTs to your collection.

Standard and premium packs differ in the number of NFTs and the chance of receiving rare pieces. Premium packs usually contain more NFTs and offer a higher chance of finding rare or valuable digital Funko Pop figurines.

Funko NFT: A New Dimension in Digital Collecting - news

Rarity and Uniqueness of NFTs

The rarity levels of Funko NFTs form a hierarchical structure that classifies digital collectibles by their uniqueness and market availability. This rarity system serves as a crucial foundation for determining the value and appeal of each NFT, ranging from the most common and accessible to the public, to the extremely rare and valuable, which are sought-after assets for serious collectors.

This classification allows collectors to assess the rarity and potential value of their assets within the Funko NFT universe:

Rarity Level Description
Common The most widespread type of Funko NFT, which is easily accessible and typically costs less than others.
Uncommon Slightly rarer than common, uncommon Funko NFTs are more desirable and potentially more valuable.
Rare At this rarity level, Funko NFTs are significantly harder to find, making them more valuable and attractive to collectors.
Epic Epic Funko NFTs are rarer than rare ones and often feature unique characteristics, making them especially valuable and sought after.
Legendary Legendary NFTs are extremely rare and typically associated with iconic characters or limited-edition releases, making them highly valuable in the market.
Grail This level represents the pinnacle of rarity and value among Funko NFTs, where items are the most exclusive and rare, often becoming the centerpiece of a collection.

Digital Funko Pop NFTs represent a new direction in collecting, merging the classic joy of gathering traditional Funko Pops with the dynamically evolving world of NFTs. Their exclusivity, value, and variety of rarity levels attract collectors worldwide, offering both newcomers and avid Funko fans new opportunities to expand their collections digitally.


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