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Maestro Sniper Bot: a tool for smart cryptocurrency trading

Mar 16, 2024
Maestro Sniper Bot: a tool for smart cryptocurrency trading

The Maestro Sniper Bot can lead to significant trading volumes immediately after the market opens, resulting in substantial price increases for certain assets, which can surge in value by ten to twenty times shortly after trading begins. These bots quickly acquire assets as the trading session starts, thereby securing an advantage over other traders and guaranteeing high profitability with a limited daily supply of available tokens.


Maestro Sniper Bot: A Tool for Smart Cryptocurrency Investments - news

How Maestro Sniper Bot works

Maestro Sniper Bot is at the top of free sniper bots, working with networks like BSC, ETH, Arbitrum, BSC Surge, and ETH Surge. A distinctive feature of this bot is its flexible settings for instant, deferred, and automatic purchases, adapted to individual criteria. Uniquely, the bot is controlled via Telegram, allowing transactions to be made directly in the app without the need for additional software or a computer; all operations can be performed from a mobile phone. Maestro offers an extensive ecosystem with a variety of analytical tools for studying tokens and managing wallets.

Here's what sets the Maestro bot apart from other sniper bots, making it one of the market leaders:

  • The bot is capable of purchasing tokens at the pre-sale stage.
  • It can exclude inactive blocks from its operations.
  • Can mimic the trading operations of other users, repeating their deals.
  • Capable of tracking and analyzing information about obscure cryptocurrencies from more than 500 sources.
  • Provides the ability to create a wallet directly within the bot interface.
  • Supports management of up to five wallets (one primary and four additional), with the option of simultaneous purchases across all wallets.
  • Allows for transferring funds between wallets to manage profits and ensure the security of funds.
  • Offers the ability to send tokens or coins from the bot to any selected address.

Features of Maestro Sniper Bot

This is a multifunctional tool for trading cryptocurrency, designed to automate the process of buying and selling tokens on various blockchain platforms. It offers a wide range of features to facilitate and optimize users' trading operations. Your main control panel allows you to configure and monitor your wallet.

The functionality of the bot includes a range of features. You can find out the address of your wallet, the current balance, and the selected network in which it operates. This section provides direct access to the main information about the state of your wallet, allowing you to easily track and manage your assets.

Also, the main functionality of the resource can be highlighted:

Function Name Description
Rug pull Prevents liquidity fraud and other suspicious actions. The bot attempts to sell assets before a malicious transaction is processed, protecting investments.
Anti-MEV Hides transactions through a private relay to avoid MEV bots and copy traders, increasing security but potentially slowing down processing.
Intelligent Slippage Automatically adjusts slippage based on market conditions and price impact, not recommended for high-risk operations.
Multi-Wallet Allows purchasing from multiple wallets, complicating the copying of transactions by others.
Max Gas Price Sets a maximum gas price limit for transactions.
Default Slippage Sets a fixed slippage percentage for transactions without automatic adjustment.
Gas Limit Limits the maximum gas fee in dollars per transaction.
Disabling Security Mode Allows purchasing tokens despite detected risks or suspicious activity, ignoring warnings.

In the purchase settings section, the user can configure the parameters for purchasing operations, determining how these deals will be executed. Similarly, the selling settings allow configuring parameters for selling operations, setting the conditions under which sales of assets will be made. Additionally, the transaction confirmation feature introduces an extra layer of security, requiring confirmation before a transaction is executed, which helps avoid unwanted or erroneous operations.

Maestro Sniper Bot: A Tool for Smart Cryptocurrency Investments - news

Trading Settings in the Bot

The buying and selling settings are designed to automate trading operations and protect against unwanted transactions. Here is a detailed description of each feature:

  1. Dupe Buy Prevention Function: This option protects the user from multiple purchases of the same token, which can occur when following signals from Telegram channels.

  2. Auto Buy: Allows automatic purchasing of tokens based on a contract loaded into the bot. It is advised to use this feature cautiously as there are more effective ways to utilize the bot's analytical capabilities.

  3. Maximum Market Capitalization (Max MC): Limits token purchases to those with a market capitalization below a set value.

  4. Minimum Liquidity (Min Liquidity): Sets the minimum liquidity level required for a purchase.

  5. Maximum Liquidity (Max Liquidity): Establishes the maximum liquidity level at which the bot will still execute purchases.

  6. Minimum MarketCap/Liquidity Ratio (Min MC/Liq): Determines the required ratio of market capitalization to liquidity for trading operations.

  7. Maximum Purchase Tax (Max Buy Tax): Helps avoid transactions with tokens that have high purchase taxes. Not always effective for secretly released tokens with high taxes.

  8. Maximum Sale Tax: Sets the upper limit of tax the user is willing to pay when selling tokens.

  9. Gas Delta: The bot adapts to the current average cost of commissions depending on the network on which it will operate, adding a given delta value to it to optimize the cost of transactions.

  10. Delete ALL: restores all settings to default.

Moving to the sale settings section:

  • Confirm Trade Sell – activates the selling option in the bot.
  • Trailing Sell – it's a strategy where the stop loss level is automatically adjusted as the price of an asset rises, helping to maximize profits and limit losses.
  • Auto Sell – when this parameter is enabled, the bot automatically sells the purchased tokens based on pre-set settings. Even if this function is disabled, it can be activated after purchasing or tracking a token through the Trade Monitor.
  • Gas Delta – adjusts the speed and cost of transactions on BSC and ETH, where higher values increase speed at the cost of price.
  • Sell-Hi for High Profit – sets the profit percentage for automatic token selling, acting as a profit-taking target. A +100% value means selling when the price doubles.
  • Sell-Lo for Low Level – defines the loss threshold for automatic selling, serving as a stop-loss. A -30% value indicates selling at a 30% loss.
  • Sell-Hi Amount – specifies the share of tokens to sell upon reaching the Sell-Hi target, for example, selling 50% of the assets.
  • Sell-Lo Amount – determines the percentage of tokens to sell when the Sell-Lo is triggered.

Description of Purchase and Sale Stages

At the stages of purchasing and selling, after setting up the bot and depositing ETH, it is necessary to determine the token address for purchase. Maestro bot has a feature that recognizes contract addresses, removing extra characters, which is convenient when working with encrypted addresses.

During the process of adding the address in the bot, it provides information about the token, including its name, address, liquidity, and more. The bot also displays data about the address verification by users, the balance of tokens in the wallet, the cost of gas, taxes, and liquidity.

Purchase and sale settings allow managing trading operations, including automatic purchase/sale when reaching set price levels. In the bot, you can configure the parameters for each trading operation, determine the price thresholds for automatic selling (Sell-Hi and Sell-Lo), and specify what proportion of assets to sell when these conditions are triggered.

Users can choose between primary and additional wallets for trading and set purchase parameters, such as a fixed number of tokens or the maximum possible for purchase. The bot conducts two transactions: a preliminary purchase request and the actual purchase if the request is successful.

You can use the previously set sale settings or adjust them individually for each token after its purchase:

  1. Individual settings for the token may include its name, target profit percentage, sale timing based on specific criteria, changes in liquidity, tax increases, or reaching a price point you have set.
  2. The amount in BNB or ETH paid for the token.
  3. The current amount in BNB or ETH you would receive if you sell the tokens now.
  4. A timer counting the time from the moment of purchase.
  5. The current price, market capitalization, and taxes of the token.
  6. Potential losses when selling the token considering its current value and taxes.
  7. The auto-purchase function is activated when the token price reaches the set minimum.
  8. A list of your transactions.
  9. Management of multiple tokens through a single panel, allowing you to exchange and control them.
  10. Refresh the timer for a specific token.
  11. Apply or adjust the purchase and sale settings, as previously mentioned.

Maestro Sniper Bot: A Tool for Smart Cryptocurrency Investments - news

Advantages of Maestro Sniper Bot

With Maestro, you discover new possibilities and tricks that free you from the need to use HoneyPot or Uniswap. The bot can analyze contracts and inform you about taxes on purchases and sales. It provides a faster and safer purchase compared to Uniswap and offers automatic selling mechanisms to protect against losses. With Maestro, it’s easy to determine the maximum and minimum number of tokens for purchase, allowing you to make transactions without deep contract analysis. The bot also enables tracking of multiple tokens and offers convenient tools for calculating profit and loss, considering all fees. Premium users receive additional privileges, such as monitoring token usage and access to more than 500 call channels.

Regarding the cost, although Maestro initially appears to be free, a fee of 1% per transaction is charged, which is refundable. For example, a purchase of 0.025 ETH (about 40 US dollars) incurs a fee of 0.00025 ETH (about 0.4 US dollars). These fees accumulate until they reach 0.01 ETH for withdrawal. A premium subscription is available for those seeking deeper analysis and monitoring, expanding the bot’s functionality.


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