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Bigoteitor - a system with token and other functions

Bigoteitor - a space for personal and economic development, where awards will be obtained for performing various actions. The time, invested in the action, will bear fruit. Also, you can create and sell the NFT collection with a memorial base of the Escapemos de Latinoamérica mission.


Bigoteitor: participate in the system and get awards

Feature of the Defi project Bigoteitor

The Bigoteitor project will encourage the community to work together to achieve common goals. Bigoteator will succeed, focusing on improving your brand, decentralized finance technology (Defi) and creative efforts to help more and more people to get out of where they do not want to be. Bigoteitor does not have a transaction commission and will never be.

Bigoteitor wants you to keep tokens at your disposal, because you want, and not because you have to pay a high commission every time you make a transaction.Bigoteitor

More Bigtt will never be there than was originally released. The contract prevents the generation of new tokens. The classical theory explains that the monetary emission without providing gives rise to the depreciation of the local currency, compared to stronger currencies (USD/E).

System participants:

Miners Users who perform missions to profit in Bigoteitor.
Ambassadors Users who collaborate with those who want to migrate to the country of their residence.
Consultants Approved migration experts.

1,000,000,000 bigtts were minted. Up to 2,000,000,000 will be distributed among the first 2000 holders who subscribe to Airdrop. 20% of the offer (200,000,000 000 Bigtt) will be used for burning.

BigoteitorLand system

Bigoteitor will create a Bigoteitorland platform, with which you can register and gain access to various services that facilitate the migration process. Within the framework of the platform, you can start managing your personal and economic development for the purpose of “Escapar de Latinoamérica”.

Voluntarily joining the community, you will fulfill missions to earn tokens. Bigoteitorland will be a new experience, related to obtaining awards in exchange for the implementation of missions. The same ecosystem will generate real savings of token. Bigoteitorint will develop inside the Bigoteurland. The tool will allow you to create and support NFT collecting items with the commercial base of the Escapemos de Latinoamerica mission. The Crowdfunding space will be created, where community members will be able to pay funds to create NFT and produce % of profit. The creators can load and configure their favorite memes and turn them into collectible cards.

Dapp Bigoteitor
Bigoteitor dapps

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