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Bingo Cash Finance
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Gambling Bingo Cash Finance Binance BSC

Bingo Cash Finance - a project with a huge number of casinos for every taste. The company has also created an algorithmic stable token for online casinos and a strong profitability system.


Bingo Cash Finance dapp

Description of the Bingo Cash Finance platform

All currently available AlgoStables on BSC have almost no use case. Some have "games", yes, but many of them are just a lottery or something very repetitive. Based on this, the developers have made a commitment to serve good BSC people with a whole range of casino games so that users can have fun and increase their income. How to start:

Stage one Provide liquidity and place a bet on the LP token.
Stage two Game coins status.

During the first 7 days. 4 BGO farms will be available to the public. These farms will distribute a total of 98,000 BGO with the following distribution:

  • during the first week, 75% of your BGO reward will be blocked for 30 days;
  • 25% will be available immediately.

After the first 30 days, the BGO block will be released at a rate of 7.5% per day. Many users choose this particular platform because it has a unique algorithm.

Moreover, the duration of the game epoch is 8 hours. All users can vote to select the winners of the contests. Community Vote Pool - new pools will be opened, based on community voting. Bingo Cash Finance

Most importantly, Bingo Cash Finance has a unique buyback mechanism. Despite the fact that the project is at the development stage, it has already achieved great success.

Additional information

The company is actively promoting its social networks. You can subscribe if you want to keep abreast of all news, chat with other users and take part in various promotions and sweepstakes. You can learn more about the smart contract here here.

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