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BLINK — a wide range of gambling games

BLINK (BLK) — the WINk platform token on Binance. BLINk holders - the main user base of the defi gaming platform.


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About the BLINK platform

Users can use their BLINk and BLINk Power tokens to participate in the management of WINk on the Binance platform. WINk maintains a high level of retention and ensures that the platform grows in response to player feedback. The WINk team - veterans of the gaming industry who understand how to create excitement and an unforgettable gaming experience. The recent Binance Charity Poker Cup gave users a unique opportunity to play alongside celebrities such as Spencer Dinwidde, CZ, Justin Sun and 14 more. In the future, the project token will provide access to similar opportunities that will never be available on any platform. Holders of the project tokens increase the value of their tokens by placing bets on BLINk Power.

The user's BLINk power is directly proportional to the number of supplied BLINks. Staking is done through a smart contract.Developers

BLINk bets may not be exchanged, sold or used in any way. To unblock WIN, users must unfreeze their tokens and wait 48 hours. Users can return all delivered tokens.

Some features:

1 BLINk is only released when players place BNB bets on the platform.
2 The wagering requirements change whenever 666,666 tokens are released into circulation (mined).
3 There are 450 levels of 666,666 BLINk tokens in total, each of which is divided into 45 stages, each of which contains 10 levels.

Starting with a wagering requirement of 0.1 BNB at level 1, in stage 1, to earn 1 BLINk token. Mining difficulty increases by 0.01 BNB per level. When BLINk tokens are released into circulation, 40% synchronous unlocking will be on the project side and 60% on the user side. 40% of the project share will help to build WINk in the Binance Ecosystem.

Additional information about crypto games

The site has an introductory WhitePaper document. With its help, you can familiarize yourself with the project and the rules of work. The community maintains a telegram channel from social networks. It already has over 7,000 subscribers. The smart contract doesn’t have an audit.

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