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CyberCat - a game with different characters on BNB Chain

CyberCat — a Play-to-Earn crypto game, published by CherrySwap. In the world of CyberCat, everyone can earn by playing skillfully and contributing to the ecosystem.


CyberCat - a playground with different opportunities for earning

More about CyberCat game project

In the world of CyberCat, players can collect, breed, raise, fight and sell a creature, called CyberCat to earn $CHE and $HEP. $CHE (CherrySwapToken) is issued by Cherryswap, which is the governance token for the GameFi Cyber Cat.

The token is used in the following scenarios:

Arena Top players on the Arena Leaderboards (PvP) will receive $CHE rewards every season.
Breeding Players will spend $HEP and $CHE tokens to breed Cyber Cat to produce new offspring and get more rewards.
Ransom 30% of income is used to ransom and destroy $CHE.

$HEP (health potion) — a GameFi eco-subcoin, issued by Cherryswap, which is a promotional Cyber Cat token. Players can fight with their team in Adventure Mode (PvE) or Arena (PvP) to win $HEP as a reward.

Character types

The body of a CyberCat of the Plant class is made up of various types of plants. Some look like ferocious cacti and some look like cute potatoes. Cyber Cat, possessing the attributes of plants, has a relatively high vitality.

In the game, it is usually recommended to place them in the front row to counter enemy damage.CyberCat

The mechanical class Cyber Cat — a pet, created by artificial intelligence through precise calculations and constant optimization. Such characters have a high-tech hull and offensive weapons. It is recommended in the game as firepower capable of inflicting a killing blow on the enemy with powerful attacks. Dragon class pets have dragon horns on their heads. They move very quickly around the arena.

The extremely keen sense of smell makes Beast Cyber Cat invincible on the battlefield and is recommended to be used in the game as a DPS that can take down the enemy without warning. A pet from the depths of the sea can breathe like a fish in water and run freely on land. They are extremely fast and strong, and can always move faster than their opponent.

The Cyber Cat bug class comes from a mysterious virtual environment and has a hard bug shell and a movable body. It likes to move around in the forest and usually uses plants as food. The Cyber Cat bug class has relative defensive power and can be placed in the front row to counter the enemy.

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