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Marketplace CyberTime Finance Binance BSC

CyberTime Finance — a whole ecosystem of products in the NFT market. Join the project and enjoy using it.


CyberTime Finance

Description of the CyberTime Finance

CyberTime — an ambitious project that includes several ready-made products and various ways of earning money.

What does Cyber Time Finance give:

1. NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists and NFT lovers.
2. Cyber farming. No pre-sale or IEO. Receive NFTL tokens by farming in 18 pools and use NFTL to get CTF.
3. DAO ecosystem for project development and distribution of funds from the Community Development Fund with the CTF governance token.
4. Exclusive NFT Time collection of 86400 NFT and NFT exchange platform.

CyberTime creates a platform where authors publish their work, where winners will be determined on voting, using NFT. At the end of the voting, a 24-hour auction window opens for all submitted works. At the end of the auction, unrealized works go to the secondary market, the winners are determined among cryptoartists and Fantasy Team members.

Opportunities for Crypto Artists:

  • earn by selling your works at the final auction;
  • earn by voting for various projects;
  • declare yourself to the whole world;
  • enjoy your work.

Developers distribute 10% of NFTL tokens between 18 pools. You just need to add your tokens to the pool and get your share of the NFTL. Add NFTL to Uniswap's liquidity pool and receive Cyber Time Finance Governance Tokens (CTF).

CyberTime plans to launch a voting system on the platform. Each CTF token holder will have the opportunity to influence the development of the platform and take part in the development of the entire ecosystem of products.CyberTime Finance

Within the league, all stages will be divided into 2 payment directions: ETH and NFTL. At the ETH stage of voting, the formation of the Fantasy Team, the auction sale will be carried out for ETH. Accordingly, at the NFTL stage, all calculations will be in this token.

Additional data

The developers provide a LitePaper document. You will find introductory information about the project, answers to questions and a roadmap with the stages of platform development. 

Marketplace CyberTime Finance Binance BSC Statistics

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Total: 6.958
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ATH: 417
(Feb 27, 2021)
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Total: 19.036
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ATH: 2.213
(Feb 27, 2021)

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