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DeMountain Finance BSC
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DeMountain Finance BSC - auctions on the blockchain

DeMountain Finance BSC — a decentralized application, based on the Polygon and BNB Chain blockchain. Inspired by its predecessors, DeMountain takes ideas to the next level by combining and improving the most effective features, giving exponential profit opportunities for early and late protocol entries.


DeMountain Finance BSC

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Built on a truly decentralized framework that puts investors first, DeMountain offers a streamlined solution for scalable and sustainable growth, backed by the foundations, needed to create DeFi wealth. The main purpose of the protocol - to participate in auctions to receive MOUNT tokens, which can be staked to receive a lot of dividends.

Some features:

1. Participate in auctions with $MATIC to get $MOUNT tokens.
2. Invest your $MOUNT tokens in an ever-growing mountain of dividends.
3. Marketplace - a place where users can trade with each other, sell and buy shares, or request and redeem loans.

The weekly auctions are meant to be fun and competitive for Binance Smart Chain users. Auctions will take place on Fridays, starting at 20:00 UTC, and will close at 20:00 UTC on Saturdays. 3M tokens will be minted for the first auction, after which each subsequent auction will decrease by 3.

Designed for stable long-term growth, the Dividend Pool is designed to reward rates regardless of TVL fluctuations.DeMountain Finance BSC

Funded through auctions and market trading, and then distributed over time to generate a Dividend Mountain, designed to reward those who take the journey, to climb it.

What else can be done on the project?

Purchase MOUNT tokens and stake them for up to 300 days to receive daily MATIC dividends. Sell your MOUNT tokens for a certain amount of MATIC by posting an offer on the marketplace. You can get a MATIC loan by providing your MOUNT tokens as collateral. Loan applications can be listed on the market. Become a lender and get a well-deserved percentage for your generosity. Find and fulfill the best loan requests on the market.

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DeMountain Finance BSC - auctions on the blockchain Statistics

24 hr: 7
Total: 7
(1 days)
ATH: 55
(Sep 17, 2022)
24 hr: 91
Total: 91
(1 days)
ATH: 20.278
(Sep 10, 2022)
24 hr: 10
Total: 10
(1 days)
ATH: 137
(Sep 17, 2022)

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