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Social DogEdu Binance BSC

Work with DogEdu to create content to raise awareness about dog protection. Decentralization with the new concept of "cryptographic keys" allows users to own property truly.


DogEdu bsc -

Description of the DogEdu project

It is a decentralized social protocol that simplifies dog protection methods, ideas and campaigns, and conveys the message to the world that dogs are man's friends. This is the best social network not only for dog lovers, but also for animal rights activists who can raise their voices to be heard.

Users need to create useful content about dogs and receive back the symbolic reward for educational activities.DogEdu

Dogedu identifies content and distributes rewards, according to the value of the opinions, associated with that content. The team defines content as any specific data on the Internet that users deem to be worth rating, including but not limited to text, images, videos, locations, accounts and links. The value of each action depends on the influence of the user. The token reward mechanism creates new DOGU tokens and distributes them, according to influence.

Token Information:

1 DOGU — a governance token on Dogedu. The DOGU token - an asset that is distributed to incentivize participation and accuracy and is intended to be managed.
2 DOGU is designed as a fungible crypto asset, used to increase exposure and interoperability with the Dogedu protocol.
3 New tokens are minted when new content is created on the platform. The token reward mechanism produces new DOGU tokens and distributes them, according to the influence algorithm.

Users can make money by receiving tokens as a reward for creating good content.

Additional information

The site has an introductory document and a RoadMap. This data will help you to learn more about the features of the project.

If you want to stay up to date with all innovations, subscribe to the community on these social networks:

  • twitter;
  • telegram.

You can also leave your e-mail address on the site to receive a newsletter with project news. The smart contract has not been audited.

Social DogEdu Binance BSC Statistics

24 hr: 0
Total: 1.215
(2400 days)
ATH: 138
(Apr 29, 2021)
24 hr: 0
Total: 93
(2400 days)
ATH: 36
(Nov 15, 2021)
24 hr: 0
Total: 4.401
(2400 days)
ATH: 1.253
(May 25, 2021)

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