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DeFi Education Exchange Binance BSC

Education Exchange — a decentralized exchange, powered by the Binance Smart Chain, with many other features that allow you to earn and win tokens. It's fast, cheap and anyone can use it.


Functions and operation of the Education Exchange

Education Exchange — AMM that allows you to exchange two tokens on BSC. There are 6 types of tickets, including: $ 1 ticket, $ 5 ticket, $ 10 ticket, $ 20 ticket, $ 50 ticket, $ 100 ticket. Each ticket package has 3 options: 10, 30 and 60 players.

All tickets are converted at the current exchange rate.Education Exchange

Token Swaps on EDXSwap - an easy way to exchange one BEP-20 token for another through automated liquidity pools.

Distinctive features of the FARMS mechanism are:

1 Users will be paid a fixed bonus in BNB tokens at the exchange rate. For example, for those farming EDX / BNB, they will be rewarded by BNB rather than paid by EDX, which prevents the EDX from increasing, resulting in a sell-off, bringing down the price of EDX in the market.
2 Users can withdraw the farm at any time and sell it through the exchange to receive the corresponding BNB. This FARMS mechanism prevents token growth.

Players need to create an account to join the game. They need to deposit the EDX into their account. To win, players need to find a matching EDX token gift box. When the countdown time is between 100 and 0, players select one of the two gift boxes to bet on the desired amount, after the countdown ends, the system will tune in to make sure that the bets of both sides are equal. For those who are late for the bet, the system will return their money and will not be taken into account in this move. The system will randomly select the number of EDX tokens at the end of the countdown. Players, who place their bets correctly, will receive a profit of 95 percent. The remaining 5 percent will remain in the system.

Additional platform information

On the site, you will find an introductory document and a RoadMap. It will make it easier for you to learn the rules of the project. A distinctive feature of this resource - the developers have released applications for smartphones (iOS, Android). Social networks are actively pursued:

  • facebook;
  • twitter;
  • telegram.

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