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Glolove - the next generation social media platform

Glolove - a social tool for charitable communication, created for Money Communication with Love. The platform operates on the BSC network, using the mameCoin token.

Basic information:

  • Name: mameCoin;
  • Symbol: mameCoin;
  • Blockchain: BEP20 + Own extension;
  • Issued tokens: 2 500 000 000;

To have access to all platform functions, you need to register. At this stage, you can choose your role, donor or recipient. Basically, this resource is free. To give "LOVE" and make donations, you need an internal MAME cryptocurrency (mameCoin). It can be bought on the exchange, and MAME can also be obtained through the campaign and events.

It's time to donate anywhere, anytime. Advanced stage of donation. Donations start at mameCoin. Glolove

A donor will be the person who makes the donation or sponsors. The regular users can also be called donors. By registering as such, you will be able to use all of Glolove's services. LOVE is the same as 1 MAME. And the recipient is the person who receives the donation. In general, these are charitable organizations, volunteers, NGOs, NGOs and other persons who have agreed to cooperate with our company. Registered organizations are responsible for providing a safe environment for donors by communicating the use of donations and the operating conditions. Registration requires the approval of the recipient's platform.

The platform has the following rules:

  • The registered recipient organization can collect donations.
  • The activities and projects of the registered recipient organization will be marked as “certified”.
  • Donors can easily monitor the activities of the registered recipient.
  • If the content of the action is false, we can block the account.

On the resource, you can secure your account by connecting two-factor authentication.

To find out about the information in more detail, post it on the official website. Also, you can subscribe to social networks: Twitter and Telegram . The smart contract doesn't have an audit.

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