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Hodlers Network
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Social Hodlers Network Binance BSC

Hodlers Network offers verification of users and prevention of fraud of its owners, becoming the first network to offer solutions to the problems of cryptocurrency fraud. It will be the first company to be verified by a trusted community verification platform.


Hodlers Network дапп

Description of the HodlersNetwork project

The Hodlers Network has created a trust verification project for ordinary cryptocurrency holders. The purpose of the website - to provide cryptocurrency holders with the ability to view new and old coins. It will also help to build a sense of trust in potential new and former cryptocurrency ventures. It will play a vital role in fraud filtering and fraud prevention.

HDLN is released on the Binance Smart Chain Platform (BSC) and is fully BEP-20 compliant.Hodlers Network

The standard will make the token compatible with third-party services such as listings, wallets and exchanges. It will also provide easy integration, but for now it can only be used in the platform ecosystem. Tokens will help to trade and pay online.

Some features:

1 The Hodlers Network will also provide an NFT trading platform.
2 NFTs are causing a lot of buzz these days and their market is estimated at $ 250 in 2021 (Insider, 2021).
3 NFT — unique digital items or files, issued by blockchains, such as business cards, digital art, audio, real estate or virtual games, etc.

Because digital files are easy to play, the NFTs, attached to each file, are unique and can be traced back to the underlying blockchain for the Hodlers network to have proof of ownership. Blockchains such as BSC and Flow have their own specific NFT token standards that propose and control the appropriate use of these NTFs. So far, the HDLN token can only be used in the platform's ecosystem. Its symbol is $ HDLN and will contain 100,000,000 tokens.

What else should you know?

The site has an introductory WhitePaper document. You will find basic data and operating procedures there. In the RoadMap section, the stages of the platform development are marked.

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