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KAKI — lossless options protocol on Binance

KAKI — a lossless decentralized options protocol, built on top of Arbitrum and BSC, with DeFi as its core and Game, designed to create DEX options for retail users. Mission - to lower the threshold for options trading: by making trading easy and fun, developers allow more retail investors to participate and enjoy options trading.



About the KAKI project

The lossless trading game allows traders to play without risking losing their capital. KAKI's mission - to create an easy and fun crypto game for the user. The combination of NFT + DeGAME makes this product enjoyable and that is why it is KAKI's stellar product, attracting TVL and DeFi players.

Participants deposit their assets under the KAKI protocol and KAKI automatically transfers these funds to other protocols to receive interest.KAKI

This percentage will be converted into a bonus pool and will be awarded to the winners. In short, the more you win in the game, the more profit you will receive. If you are a poor trader or have no time to trade, you can join a team and delegate trading authority to the captain. The captain will receive some commission and the rest of the bonus will have a distribution, according to your share of the position.

Features of bonuses:

1 The KAKI bonus pool is formed from interest arising when the user pledges assets to KAKI.
2 The bonus pool is calculated every 7 days, with the 8th day, being the trading day.
3 On a trading day, players can trade this percentage and split the bonus pool of the previous week.

Players contribute their share capital to KAKI. KAKI interest, deposited in other DeFi protocols (like AAVE), is collected in a bonus pool. Players win by predicting a rise or fall in the price of an underlying asset (like ETH) at a specific time.

More about the DeFi platform

The site has a LitePaper document. Thus, each participant can study the features of the project. Also, there is an introductory document. It has a general description and answers to questions.

If you want to stay up to date with all innovations, subscribe to the community on these social networks:

You can also leave your e-mail address on the site to receive a newsletter with project news. The smart contract doesn't have an audit.


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