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MemeFlate: create and complete tasks on BNB Chain

MemeFlate's vision - to create a new marketplace concept where clients and freelancers interact with freedom. Merchants, offering goods or services, and buyers, in need of said goods or services, can interact with each other and discuss requirements in detail before deciding to pay for the service.


MemeFlate - create content on the blockchainе

About the MemeFlate project

MemeFlate offers its users a first-class interactive platform where all content creators can receive and send direct messages to clients to discuss requirements before using services, upload content, pricing rules, fees, and more.

The main use case for MemeFlate in the marketplace is when a customer who needs content or services for personal or business reasons enters the platform and automatically browses the ever-growing portfolio of creators and services around the world to select the right artist.

The client side of will focus on hiring the best talent at the best price and time in a transparent and secure environment. Clients have the opportunity to contact a freelancer and understand his abilities and attitude to work. In addition, comments and ratings about the freelancer's previous services can be accessed.

Buyers can easily find relevant services, order and control until everything is completed. They can also discuss with the sellers the addition of additional services, according to their requirements.MemeFlate

The marketplace offers you a beautifully designed profile page as well as a monetizable tool to help sellers to reach more buyers. No professional presentation skills are required.

$MFLATE holders can use their tokens to vote on reallocation rates on the website via the community-tax-vote form page. Then the voting is closed by the owner of the contract and the current tax rate is changed. The tax rate can vary from 1% to 30%.

Integration with Chainlink

MemeFlate uses Chainlink's verifiable Random Function (VRF) to help to select winners in the daily draw and Chainlink Keepers to help to automate the rewards features, with both services in the process of being extensively integrated. The integration of several Chainlink services will help us to provide a smoother, more secure and transparent experience for users.

MemeFlate is in the process of integrating the following Chainlink services:

1. Chainlink Keepers have been integrated into the new Dirtlife NFTs to automate the receipt of upcoming DirtLifeTM rewards.
2. Chainlink Keepers will be used in MFT v2 staking to help to automate rewards.
3. MemeFlate is currently using Chainlink VRF v1 to help to select winners in a daily verifiable random draw.
4. The lottery game includes Chainlink VRF v2 for randomness testing. In the future, all games on the platform will use VRF v2, which will help to make games more fair.

Currently, Chainlink powers tens of billions of dollars in DeFi, insurance, gaming and other major industries and offers global enterprises and leading data providers a one-stop gateway for all blockchains.

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