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Mythic Creeps
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Game Mythic Creeps Binance BSC

Mythic Creeps — an NFT fighting game on the Binance Smart Chain. You can mint, fight and collect unique NFTs. You can bet on the BNB battle. If you win, you will double your BNB, if you lose, BNB will go to the prize pool along with a percentage of that winnings.


Mythic Creeps

Description of the Mythic Creeps project

Mint $ CREEPS, using $ MYTHIC, actively upgrade these creeps by placing bets and fighting other enemy creeps. Passively develop your creep while it is sitting on the battlefield ($ CREEPS pool). The winner receives the trophies (in this case BNB). Basic loot starts at level 1 and you have a chance to succeed. Epic, Legendary and Super have an additional cost. This affects your starting level along with all attributes. Your stats increase proportionally. The maximum level is 20.

Some features of the game:

1 If your creep joins the fight and wins, your stake is doubled.
2 If you passively fight and win, you get 3% of your opponent's bet.
3 If your creep is defeated, it learns from its mistakes with a 1-7 bonus to all attributes.

Once minted, your $ CREEP enters the battlefield. On the battlefield, there is a chance that any battle will be against your creep. Whether you win or lose, you reap the benefits.

The calculation of the battle - general attack = (attack power + magic attack). If this amount is more than the total defense of the opponents (attack defense + magic defense), you are the winner.Mythic Creeps

If you bring your creep into battle and win, you will receive a level up and a bonus to all of your attributes. Each stat gets a random roll of 1 to 7. This bonus applies to any challenges you gain while your creep is active in the pool.

Additional information

There is no WhitePaper or RoadMap document on the site. Instead, only a brief description is provided. For more information, visit the Medium blog. Educational articles are regularly published there.

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