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OVO NFT platform
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OVO NFT platform - collectible NFT marketplace

OVO NFT platform — Japan's #1 NFT platform that integrates the latest AR-NFT technology to provide one-stop NFT solutions for high-quality content. In the future, OVO will create an OVO metaverse - MetaArtia in UE4 and import popular projects or content into it. All NFT assets, released in OVO, will implement applications in MetaArtia and users will be able to interact with their own avatars in OVO Metaverse.


OVO NFT platform - create your digital art

How does the OVO NFT platform work?

OVO NFT platform - the first XR (AR, VR, MR) NFT release technology platform also integrated with AI interoperability. In the near future, NFT assets, issued on OVO, will be processed and transferred to any metaverse platform, connected to the OVO platform. Users can purchase an NFT card in addition to basic functions such as NFT transaction and mining. Users can also use it on other metaverse platforms (such as Decentraland, SandBox, MatrixWorld, etc.).

Site features:

1. Create NFT assets for the Metaverse.
2. Authoritative anti-forgery mechanism (Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism).
3. A one-stop center for NFT casting, issuance and exchange, creating Defi's liquid financial solution.

OVO (ovo.space) is the first to implement a virtual asset rights authentication scheme, i.e. Double Copyright Check Mechanism (DCIM). It consists of a lower level copyright check and a top level asset management mechanism. The bottom layer is the copyright-related collaboration and authorization agreement, represented by the NFT, and the top layer is the mechanism for issuing and managing the circulation of these NFT assets. NFT is based on ERC721 and ERC1155

With the Mystery Box, users can get high rarity NFTs for little money. Users can combine 5 NFTs of the same rarity for a higher level as upgrades for a lower-leveled NFT.OVO NFT platform

To participate, log in to OVO and connect your wallet. Press the “Home” button on the main page. Click the "My NFT" button on the page.

Launch of the NFT Museum

OVO has built a contemporary art museum (Metaartia), based on blockchain smart contracts. Metaartia can include various concepts and things. As a starting point, you will be introduced to creative activities such as works of art, projects, structures, etc., which are created in different regions, taking into account sensitivity, form (tangible or intangible), sound, digital, text, and so on.

Artists can also promote their work around the world and interact with fans online. In the future, OVO will introduce virtual reality technology to art galleries, competing with traditional art galleries, which can provide artists with a higher degree of freedom and free space to create.

Dapp OVO NFT platform

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