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Space Six
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Space Six: explore outer space on BNB Chain

Space Six — an E2E game that introduces a new type of blockchain game, called “Explore to Earn” (E2E).


Space Six

Brief description of Space Six

The Explore to Earn business model — the latest development in the gaming industry. In addition to providing financial benefits to players who contribute to the gaming world, it supports the concept of an open economy. Space Six - a pioneer in this area. By entering the game, you enter the unknown world of planets and get valuable rewards such as famous cryptocurrencies and NFT while exploring space, traveling the planets and enjoying flying in your spaceship.

Once you buy land on this planet, you become a landowner and have many options and opportunities. By becoming the owner, you will get more daylight hours and be able to extract more resources; solar panels will receive more light, saving more electricity by working in the dark. In addition, the main goal of the landowners - to build their spaceships by using the materials they have mined and prepare for exploration.

Vacationers can rent land from landowners, play as them, and share the profits. Later, they can sell their resources and even their land on the market.SpaceSix

There are a certain amount of resources in the mines, and people can collect the necessary resources at a predetermined time. If you can mine all of its resources before the expiration date, you will be able to buy a new mine or resources on the platform's marketplace.

One option that sets this project apart from others - the rental system. Owners can earn money by renting out their land or even their spaceship. This feature of the game - not only for owners, but people can set up a lease order and rent land or spaceships at the price they want. You can try the game on this planet by renting.

More about playing on BNB Chain

You can upgrade any of the in-game NFTs such as Earth, Spaceship, Resources, etc., or use them in-game and more importantly, buy and sell them on the market or other players when interacting on the Discord channel.

There are two types of players in the game:

Owners players who buy and own land can also collect resources, in addition to exploring and navigating.
Free players (campers) all players can play for free, mine resources and sell them on the market to earn money, but resources are limited.

Player assets in SpaceSix are tokenized, so they really belong to them. Players can also earn passive gaming income by renting out their assets to other players. Thus, they can receive royalties each time the asset is resold.

Whether you play the game or not, you can have one or more NFTs to profit later on in the secondary market. The main part of NFT is accounted for by Land NFT. Other NFTs are planets, resources, worker robots and spacecraft segments.

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