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The Cryptoz NFT Universe
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Collectibles The Cryptoz NFT Universe Binance BSC

The Cryptoz NFT Universe — a blockchain-based collectible trading universe of zombie cards. This is a game with 1000 unique, beautifully designed zombie assets.


The Cryptoz Universe dapp

Description of The Cryptoz Universe

Cryptoz — Cryptoz — a collectible card universe, based on smart contracts. Buy, collect and sell digital cryptocurrency Zombies, Plants & Idols with friends from all over the world. Each Cryptoz collectible card is an ERC-721 crypto token that is 100% player-owned and cannot be destroyed. Each Cryptoz collectible card will be one of a kind.

Some other exciting features of the Cryptoz game include:

1. Unique serial numbers = cryptographically unique items.
2. Single cards and booster packs that are released regularly.
3. The decentralized format ensures that the player owns the digital card 100%.
4. Limited inventory, exclusive items.
5. Collectible cards can be resold to other players at the Ethereum Auction.

All your Cryptoz cards and CXP tokens are stored on the blockchain in your personal wallet. Once you purchase a card, you fully own it and it will live in your Ethereum wallet. The preferred browser to use it with Ethereum and Metamask - Google Chrome.

The rarity distribution for each Booster card is as follows:

  • Platinum — O. This type is not available for purchase or from a booster.
  • Epic - the chance to get is equal to 1 in 10,000.
  • Rare — 49 out of 10,000. These red cards are still very rare and should be handled with care.
  • Uncommon — 2,650 out of 10,000. When they do, they are a nice little surprise.
  • Common — 7300 out of 10000. Editions on them will be quickly counted as cards are drawn. use 2 types of BSC tokens. CZXP - CryptoZ eXPerience tokens. These are BEP-20 fungible tokens.

This means that any CZXP can be exchanged for any other CZXP token, and none of them are unique.The Cryptoz NFT Universe

Even the Unlimited Booster cards, which are minted in infinite numbers, are unique, they have a unique token and edition number.

Additional information

At the moment, there is no White Paper on the site. The developers provide a RoadMap that marks the development milestones and upcoming updates. You can get more information about the project from the blog on the Medium platform.

If you want to stay up to date with all innovations, subscribe to the community on these social networks:

You can also leave your e-mail address on the site to receive a newsletter with project news. The smart contract doesn't have an audit.

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