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Marketplace Twinci Binance BSC

Twinci — the first social NFT marketplace where you can create, sell and collect NFTs easily. This Dapp connects artists to users with low fees and speed.



About the project

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 (smart contract standard) tokens, which are hosted on their own blockchain. NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles, artwork or in-game items.

As an artist, by tokenizing your work, you both guarantee its uniqueness and label it as your work. Actual ownership is carried out by the blockchain.Twinci

As a content creator, you can add unlockable content to your collectibles, which only becomes visible upon transfer of ownership. Artists use this feature to include high definition files, create videos, secret messages and more.

Some features:

1 Each time you create a collectible, you can set a certain percentage as a royalty for secondary sales.
2 Example: you create a digital painting and sell it for 1000 TWIN, the royalty is 10 percent.
3 Then your buyer will sell your painting for a higher price for 5000 TWIN. This is where the royalty system works. As an original content creator, you get 10% of that sale, which is 500 TWIN.

TWIN — a project token on the NFT market. Profits from revenue sharing with art creators and collecting NFT Dapp transaction fees will be burned quarterly, and the more active the NFT market is, the lower the total NFT supply will be. This helps the token to grow well. In the long term, the more popular the platform becomes, the more people want to own stock as an investment.

Additional information

The site has a WhitePaper and RoadMap document. It presents the stages of project development. Developers blog on Medium. Articles are published there regularly.

From other social networks, the community leads:

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