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XCarnival - profitable work with NFT objects

Xcarnival products can help to lend and pledge all types of NFTs, including well-known NFTs, Virtual IDs, financial NFTs and loyalty NFTs. The operating model of a third party platform may include risks in every transaction to avoid systemic risks and bad debts.

XCarnival - protocol for profitable work with NFT

Currently, XCarnival is the only liquidity management platform on the market that supports multiple chains and types of loan products: it supports both P2C (instant loan pools) and P2P (peer-to-peer) models for NFT core assets and other long-term assets. It also helps mortgagees to get different types of shortcuts and environmental opportunities without compromising their NFT holdings.

XCarnival partners with Metaverse projects to provide liquidity such as private lending and contracting services for USM NFTs in Metaverse.

Project goals:

1. Creation of a financial infrastructure for the Metaverse, designed to provide liquidity solutions.
2. Building the NFT ecosystem and the metaverse.
3. Provision of mortgage and lending services for NFT assets under the P2P and Pool2C model.

XBroker — an NFT collateral and loan platform that provides liquidity for the NFT market. Participants are divided into three roles: pledgor, creditor and liquidator. The mortgagor must provide NFT for collateral and borrowing money. The lender earns interest by lending USDxc, and the liquidator participates in the liquidation through auction trading, that is, by paying the auction price to receive NFTs.

XCarnival chose Chainlink as their solution for Oracle because its pricing channel infrastructure was seamlessly integrated and time proven in production.XCarnival

Currently, Chainlink's price feeds help to secure leading DeFi protocols, with smart contracts worth tens of billions of dollars. It also provides strong security and high availability even in case of unexpected events. Such as: exchange downtime, flash failures and data manipulation attacks with flash credits.

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