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Avasome Ajuna Avatars
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Avasome Ajuna Avatars - test gaming platform

Avasome Ajuna Avatars is a dynamic digital platform where games merge with blockchain technologies. Each AAA season is associated with the launch of a new game or product on the Ajuna Network, providing users with early access to themes and mechanics of upcoming releases. However, it's not just an individual game, it's an exciting introduction to the future of the Ajuna Network.


What is Avasome Ajuna Avatars

Avasome Ajuna Avatars acts as a platform for testing various game mechanics and technical features by the Ajuna network. This includes features such as:

  • wallet integration;
  • user registration;
  • redeem code system;
  • integration of Discord data into the blockchain;
  • coding of game assets and mechanics on the blockchain.

All these features undergo practical testing and adjustments within AAA before their application in upcoming games.

Avasome Ajuna Avatars is not only an exciting gaming platform but also an important tool for creating and strengthening the community around the Ajuna network. In a time when the market is experiencing a downturn, AAA has become a key element in maintaining a high level of community engagement and has become a symbol of progress and continuity. This confirms the resilience and flexibility of the Ajuna network team and its commitment to offering products and experiences that explore new ways of using blockchain.

Furthermore, AAA allows users to turn their avatars into unique heroes, offering an interactive and immersive gaming experience. Technically, it serves as a sandbox for the Ajuna network, allowing exploration and improvement of various game mechanics and features for upcoming games. These real-world experiments are critically important for ensuring a smooth user experience and successful implementation in future games.

Using Game Characters

AAA is a platform designed for everyone. Whether you are an experienced gamer or a newcomer to digital games, the resource offers an inclusive experience. It provides a space for user interaction, exploration, and participation in shaping the future of games on the Ajuna network. AAA is particularly suitable for those interested in the convergence of the gaming industry and blockchain technologies and keen on being part of the evolution of digital gaming experiences.

The Avatars of Awesome Ajuna Avatars are developed based on three key principles, each offering unique opportunities and benefits:

Category Benefits
Avatars as an Asset for Extended Access to the Community
  • Extended roles in Discord
  • Exclusive events in Discord
  • Participation in BAJU and avatar raffles
  • Participation in rewarding hunts and quests
  • Opportunity to join the Ambassador Program
  • Exclusive previews of updates from the team
  • Early access to testing new products, features, and services in the Ajuna network
Avatars as a Gaming Asset, Providing Benefits for Blockchain Activities
  • Access to missions and quests through gaming staking
  • Rewards from the Bajun network
  • Right to free mints and airdrops
  • Voting rights in the community
  • The ability to transfer them as NFT to other ecosystems, for example, Ethereum
Associated Gaming Asset (Unique for Each Season)
  • Early access to new games and products
  • Unique incentives and rewards from the associated game

Thus, your Avatars go beyond simple digital representations; they serve as keys to unlocking a wealth of exclusive benefits and experiences throughout the Ajuna network.

Blockchain Game Missions and Quests

As you immerse yourself in the world of Ajuna, your legendary avatars will take you on exciting journeys beyond the normal gameplay. In this game, your avatar is not just a digital identity; it's your passport to exploration, discoveries, and generous rewards. Ajuna offers an innovative approach that artfully blends gaming with blockchain technology.

Each season unveils a unique quest chain, tailor-made for the avatar type it represents.

By completing these quests, you unlock unique rewards that can be exchanged for BAJU - the native currency of the Juniverse, or used to access subsequent missions, further enriching your gaming experience.

However, the real magic lies in the rare quests. These are the paths less traveled, designed for those brave enough to meet specific requirements. The challenges may be daunting, but the rewards are spectacular. Valuable artifacts await those who conquer these quests. Users can acquire artifacts that can make their avatar famous and affluent within the Juniverse. The main goal of Ajuna is to redefine blockchain paradigms such as staking, turning them into interactive and intriguing elements of gameplay.

Instead of facing complex, hard-to-understand processes, you will be actively involved in the storyline, develop your avatars, and make strategic decisions based on their narratives. Ajuna offers an attractive new approach to blockchain games, creating a unique ecosystem that invites both blockchain enthusiasts and gamers to participate.

AAA Season Overview

The first season of AAA was centered around the game BattleMogs, which was launched on the Ajuna network. In the first season, users had the opportunity to create their avatars using a basic game mechanic of forging. Avatar owners of the first season gained access to exclusive benefits, including enhanced roles in Discord, participation in raffles and exciting hunts and quests in Discord. In addition, avatar owners of the first season had exclusive access to the beta-testing phase of BattleMogs and additional bonuses that appeared at the launch.

The benefits of the second season's avatar include an elevated status in the Discord community called OG, which provides enhanced privileges and participation opportunities. Avatars also have access to a variety of quests and hunts conducted within Discord, as well as the ability to participate in raffles and Battle Royal competitions. Particularly notable is the fully equipped legendary pet avatar. This also provides exclusive access to the NFT Bridge (Wildcard), expanding integration possibilities with other NFT platforms. Additionally, owners receive early access to the BattleMogs game in a closed beta-testing phase and the opportunity to use their Avatar in the BattleMogs game.

The third season of AAA represents a collaboration with the game studio Evrloot, during which their new game "Stardust Colonies" will be launched. A feature of the third season will be providing early access to the game, as well as unique incentives and rewards available to avatar owners of this season.

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