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Clovers Network
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Clovers Network - perform actions on the site and earn

The project runs on the Ethereum Mainnet network. The website operates in a real time. Thanks to this, users can start searching and registering Clovers at any time. The launch of the project has become real, thanks to the allocated funds as a grant.


  1. Clovers economics in a nutshell
  2. Clovers Network updates
  3. The principle of reducing the GAS price

Clovers Network dapp

Clovers economics in a nutshell

Clovers Network - an experimental resource. If you want to participate in a project’s economy and support a product, consider buying Clover coins. Coins of the platform - the Club Tokens (CLUB), which user gets for certain actions. These are tokens, corresponding to the ERC20. Performing any actions on the site is quite easy, even in the absence of WhitePaper.

I would like to thank all the participants of the project. The project couldn’t exist without the tremendous support, received from so many people, and the tireless efforts of the team from Bin Studio. Clovers Network

Users can exchange clover coins, earned in the game. You can exchange them for a real ether.

Clovers Network updates

From the very first prototype, it was clear that the Clovers Network would struggle with gas costs. The early version used ~ 9 gas for testings in the chain. That’s why experiments and cost-cutting methods have been the focus of the project. However, all methods required that users had already owned ETH. Methods, that allow non-eth users to play Clovers, have taken an important place in the team's priority list for a long time. The situation has changed with the support of a grant from the POA network. And now the team is proud to announce the game process without Ethereum in the Clovers network. Also, after receiving the grant, the team introduced several more updates:

  • 2 network upgrades were made;
  • tokens were burned to maintain the price;
  • 3 new features were developed (search, leaderboard and gas).

This is not the end result of the resource. Developers continue to plan to introduce updates and improve the site. At the same time, regular users can follow them without a Roadmap. To stay in touch and get the latest news from the resource, you can subscribe to the Telegram channel.

The principle of reducing the GAS price

The GAS fees in this network were the first modernization of the network, which allowed users to account accurately for fluctuations in gas prices, depending on the network price. However, in a certain period, the GAS price began to rise, due to which users began to suffer. Fortunately, thanks to the developers, the problem was resolved, and the cost of GAS fell again. Subsequently, thanks to community members, a new method of cheap transaction verification was developed. It allowed to reduce the cost of GAS by 43%. Comparison of the price difference:

Register Clover before update: from 651 172 to 707 728 gas (~ $1,12 USD and ~ $1,22 USD by 10 Gwei)
Register Clover after update: from 375 925 to 402 870 gas (~ $0,65 USD and ~ $0,69 USD by 10 Gwei)

If previously a confirmed transaction was required to confirm the registration process on a resource, then, for this new method, only a trusted third party needs to sign. This new process jeopardizes decentralization in favor of cost reduction and speed increase. However, the Clovers Network continues to use the Clovers registration method, which alternatively sacrifices cost (1.6 mm of gas) in favor of decentralization and speed. Find out more information about updates of the contract on the official website.

Clovers Network - perform actions on the site and earn Statistics

24 hr: 0
Total: 2.643
(2400 days)
ATH: 215
(Aug 20, 2019)
24 hr: 0
Total: 14.112
(2400 days)
ATH: 9.633
(Jan 17, 2022)
24 hr: 0
Total: 45.067
(2400 days)
ATH: 8.287
(Aug 20, 2019)

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