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Hegic - simple option trading

Hegic ETH — an Ethereum blockchain platform that gives the holder (buyer) the right to exchange their ETH for stable DAI coins at a fixed price for a certain period.


Hegic dapp

Brief description of the Hegic project

ETH option holder chooses the size, period and strike price of the option contract. The size of an ETH option contract - the amount of ETH that the owner can exchange for a fixed amount of DAI, when the contract is executed. Period - the number of days or weeks during which the option contract for the supply of ETH will be valid. Execution price - the set price, at which ETH can be exchanged for DAI.

Bonuses and settlement fees will be calculated for the selected size, period and strike price for the ETH put option. After that, the holder will be offered to pay this amount in ETH, using his wallet.Hegic

After the miners confirm the transaction, the owner will be able to execute the ETH put option contract for a certain period, using the Ethereum address, that was used to make the payment.

Use cases:

Here you can buy ETH call and put options.
Non-storage options with chain settlements. Choose any strike price and sell.
Sell call ETH and put options.
Provide liquidity and start earning on ETH or DAI.
Token Holders
Buy tokens. Buy tokens. Option holders pay commission fees to purchase automatically and record HEGIC tokens.

Trade options for profit or hedging your positions. Enjoy the fixed price and unlimited growth in option contracts. No registration, KYC or email here.

Other features of the dapp application

100% of the contract for the ETH put option in DAI will be blocked in the contract for the period of ownership, paid by the holder. Example: the owner pays 0.05 ETH for options with 1 ETH for a strike price of $200. The amount of stable DAI coins, equal to the contract execution price, will be blocked for this particular holder. They will be able to fulfill this contract before the expiration date and exchange 1 ETH for 200 DAI. These 200 DAIs will be blocked on the contract. Owners should always enter into ETH options contracts on their own.

ETH put options contracts are activated for such period:

  • 1 day (24 hours);
  • 1 week (7 days / 168 hours);
  • 2 weeks (14 days/ 336 hours);
  • 3 weeks (21 days/ 504 hours);
  • 4 weeks (28 days/ 672 hours).

The site has a White Paper, as well as a separate document, describing the main options of the project. Hegic Protocol V1.1 contracts are verified by Bramah Systems, so you can be sure of the integrity of the project. For more information, subscribe to the community on social networks: telegram and twitter. There are still few subscribers (about 150), since the platform has just begun to develop.

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