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Leverj - decentralized trading in dapp

The Leverj team has spent years, researching ways to make trading safer without sacrificing high performance. A solid, predictable and responsive platform is the goal of development. The use of a Custodian smart contract increases the safety of funds, reducing risks and increasing security.


Leverj dapp

About the Leverj project

Leverj uses a two-leveled token model to separate value and utility, so that buyers and token holders can use the project seamlessly. The model includes one system with two different tokens: a primary with a fixed supply and a secondary with a flexible offer.

LEV, the main token, has a high utility, allowing free trading on the Leverj platform for those who place bets.Leverj

Those who place a bet on their LEV will receive the amount of the secondary token, which opens up access to paid trading. Users can place bets on LEV tokens and participate in the economy of the system. This is the direct utility of the token, as opposed to simple ancillary uses like governance.

Why you should trust this project:

Firstly Most of the catastrophic situations on the exchanges are due to the risk of detention. Eliminating the need to have a small group of people to have complete control over everyone's funds eliminates the worst risks on the exchange.
Secondly By using non-custodial risk management, developers can offer leveraged trading without requiring the exchange user to take on losing positions or holding funds.
Thirdly Eliminating blockchain interoperability in the mission-critical order cancellation path allows fast updates, fill-in and cancellation. Quick cancellation also allows professional market makers to enter the space while providing liquidity.

Leverj is more than just Coinpit smart contracts as an entire decentralized trading ecosystem is possible, allowing traders and service providers to interact with each other while protecting their privacy.

Additional information

The site has a White Paper and a blog, with the help of which you can study the features of the platform in more detail.

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The smart contract has not been audited.

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