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MakersPlace is a true work of art

MakersPlace – an Ethereum-blockchained trading platform for searching and collecting unique digital works. In addition, the platform allows creative people to sell their work. Artists, photographers, writers and many others use MakersPlace to create personal pages on the portal, using blockchain technology.


dapp MakersPlace

About dapp application

Firstly, any artwork, uploaded to MakersPlace, is stored in a safe place that is accessible only to you and collectors by purchasing. Secondly, only a preview of your image is displayed here. In addition, downloading the watermarked files is allowed. Developers don’t provide White Paper and Road Map. However, you can follow the project news on various social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Pinterest, Facebook.

Reasons to use this project:

Simple use Developers offer customers easy-to-use tools. They will help to upload work to the blockchain. In addition, an evidence is always verified, that you are a creator and owner of this work.
Convenient design Here are the tools to help you to create your own store easily. For example, you can share your work with the audience here.
Spread Collaboration with the largest online sites gives you the opportunity to combine work and attract a wider audience to sell your work.

In case of successful sales, the platform takes a commission of 15% from all purchases in Ethereum. Now, the use of the digital portal is only available by invitation. To get it, you need to contact the developers of the platform. Then, an invitation code will be sent. Earnings are possible only on the sale of objects here. Referral system, bonuses and other options for making a profit - are absent.

Start your own collection already today:

  • collect unique works from amazing creators;
  • show your collection to your friends and community;
  • invest.

MakersPlace - a web service that you can use both on a PC and on a mobile device. Customers can use the third-party wallets (for example, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet) to purchase digital products, using Ethereum.

The main features of the MakersPlace

Each available file is genuine and truly unique. In addition, it has a digital signature of the creator and is constantly checked through the blockchain. Buying the unique content means that you get the full ownership of the product.

Collect unique works and share your collection with your friends. In addition, you can resell your creation on any digital asset exchange.MakersPlace

To anyone who wants to sell on MakersPlace, developers strongly recommend a downloading of the high-resolution digital files. First of all, this is due to the fact that collectors are most interested in acquiring the highest quality works.

Safety of use is confirmed, thanks to the blockchain technology. Even if MakersPlace ceases to exist, your digital creations will forever remain on the blockchain and will be available for sale or purchase. There is no own token on the platform, so work is being done with ETH.

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