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MyMDT Data Wallet
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MyMDT Data Wallet - service for exchanging data points

MyMDT Data Wallet – an application, based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to get rewards for exchanging anonymous data points. It is a user-centered portal in the MDT ecosystem. In addition, the platform can be used in two directions: for individual use and for business.


MyMDT Data Wallet dapps

Brief information about the MyMDT Data Wallet

Users can join the MDT ecosystem through the MyMDT Dapp. MyMDT currently supports three functions:

  1. Allows members to choose within the MDT ecosystem to exchange anonymous data points for MDT Rewards.
  2. Allocate and host MDT rewards for users.
  3. Provides rewards for completing specific tasks.

In addition to the basic choice and sharing, in this version, users can also receive rewards for completing tasks. These tasks are often designed specifically for third-party applications that have MyMDT embedded, so that users can better become familiar with both the MyMDT dapp and the ecosystem of the third-party application.

The MyMDT Dapp will appear for the first time in the following programs: MailTime, Magic Crystal and Email Messenger. All applications are the first group of users in the MDT ecosystem to collect anonymous data points.MyMDT Data Wallet

Now, after a user downloads the MailTime app (or any of the three apps, using the MDT ecosystem) and signs into their account, they can simultaneously start sharing data and rewards while using the app. The safety of using the platform is confirmed by the work of the blockchain and smart contracts.

How do I use MyMDT Data Wallet?

MyMDT - your data wallet where you can securely manage your anonymous data as profitable digital assets. Plus, you have control over what to share and with whom. Every time your data is used, you will be rewarded.

Algorithm for connecting to MyMDT Data Wallet:

1 Download one of the following third-party apps that use the MDT ecosystem: MailTime, Magic Crystal or Email Messenger.
2 Open the app and log into your email accounts.
3 Find the "Awards" button in the lower left corner of the main menu page.
4 If this is your first time, using MyMDT, please read the Terms of Service carefully and click “Import Account” to start.

After completing the above steps, you can start using the platform. If you choose to share your anonymous data points on MyMDT, you will be rewarded for any triggered data points in the ecosystem when that happens. Check your Data Rewards with the Data Rewards button.

Availability of rewards in dapp

The ecosystem currently rewards certain types of data for transactional electronic receipts. This includes receipts for in-app purchases, paid apps, Apple App Store subscriptions, email from Uber, Grab, Lyft or Gojek. There is no referral system and other promotions here.

Make sure you have linked your ETH wallet before claiming any rewards. This is done in this way:

  1. Enter "Awards" from MyMDT.
  2. Click on the Settings button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the account to which you want to link the ETH wallet address.
  4. Click the "Bind Wallet" button below.
  5. Enter the correct ETH wallet address and submit.

You can change your ETH wallet address in the future. Please note that you cannot claim any remuneration when processing a change request. The creators of the platform do not provide White Paper and a roadmap. However, there is a separate blog that provides news, updates and other information. Also, you can follow the news through the official Telegram channel, to which more than 3000 people have already subscribed.

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