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Ren - use dapp to transfer data

Ren - an open protocol that allows the confidential transfer of values between any blockchains.


  1. Description of the Ren
  2. Platform benefits
  3. Company future

Ren dapp

Description of the Ren

The platform consists of 3 stages. Each of them has its own peculiarity:

Software If you want to use cross-assets in your DeFi application, this is the business for you. You can use GatewayJS or RenJS or just add the ERC-20 to your platform.
Safety Using Darknode, your team helps to ensure the safety of Ren. Software installation is simple and takes about 15 minutes. If you need additional information, then you can refer to the White paper of the project.

Lastly, if you want to help to educate the public or develop support services to make Ren the best product, then this category of participation is best for you. Expanding DeFi utilities is a team work, so the company will be glad to any suggestions. You can write to the developers on Twitter. There you can find out about upcoming promotions and competitions on the platform.

Platform benefits

Joining a platform has many advantages. For example, advertisement - Ren will be broadcast, many people will join you. Further:

  • utility - if you want to attract more users, cross-assets can do this for you;
  • liquidity - the Ren team is trying to provide DeFi with the initial liquidity amount of BTC, BCH and ZEC;
  • support - dedicated integration support from the development team;
  • marketing - co-branding on all relevant materials and press release.

You don’t need any obligations to begin work in the application. All you need - a desire to help to attract assets that connect different networks.

Company future

According to the company on Twitter, they want to create a joint group that will accept all proposals, provide integration support and help with any questions that arise. It also implements many of the necessary components for the successful release of RenVM Mainnet.

As Ren prepares for Mainnet and its presence in DeFi expands, the company wants to add an ecosystem upgrade. Its format will change from month to month and discuss various topics: new platform members, network statistics, partnerships, news, community updates and much more.Ren

The developers also updated the RenVM Wiki. This is a constantly evolving document, so in the next update you will be able to get acquainted with a new information.

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