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Saturn Network - a platform for working with cryptocurrency

Saturn Network - a set of services for cryptocurrency owners, enterprises, investors, traders and developers. The exchanger task - to create the necessary tools to facilitate the work with cryptocurrencies, ensuring everyone equal access to financial freedom. In this way, the resource protects decentralization. It removes the barriers to business on the blockchain network and allows them to expand.


  1. What is the Saturn Network?
  2. Saturn wallet
  3. Trading commissions in dapp
  4. Advantage of Saturn tokens

What is the Saturn Network?

Saturn Network - a decentralized stock exchange for a trading of ERC20 or ERC223 tokens. It’s designed for the blockchain network and is currently powered by Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. In the exchanger, a unique implementation of functionality can be noted, as it’s truly decentralized and has a book of orders that can’t be changed in the network. Saturn online trading is quick and easy. Users don’t need to fill out KYC security forms or set up an account. All trading operations are carried out between two wallets. Given this fact, you will never face challenges with depositing or withdrawing funds. You never transfer control of your funds to a third party. All you need is a dApp browser such as MetaMask, Cipher, Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet. All paid trading fees are refunded with the SATURN tokens by a loyalty program. Exchange profits are distributed among token holders.

Saturn wallet

Saturn wallet - a fully functional cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to interact with dApp applications on the next networks:

  • Ethereum;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • POA;
  • xDAI;
  • RSK;
  • TomoChain.

The team developed the Saturn wallet as a browser extension. Which is compatible with many popular applications such as Firefox, Chrome, Brave and others. It allows you to set up and configure access to the Saturn ecosystem in a matter of minutes and not to worry if you already have a dApp browser. You can easily import existing accounts. You can use it to send or receive coins, such as ETH, ETC, TOMO, POA or xDAI. It also provides a full support for management of the ERC20, ERC223 token custom balances.

Saturn wallet has been developed hand in hand with our exchange to provide you with the best trading experience. You will find many unique features, such as automatically filling in the user token balance of your wallet and links for opening the order book of tokens on our platform. Saturn Network

Trading commissions in dapp

The exchange resource Saturn, like many other exchanges and services, sets some fees for its users. Each transaction occurs between two parties. It’s the seller whose order exists before the transaction in the order book, and the buyer who places the order. Sellers create liquidity in the market and buyers use this liquidity by comparing manufacturers' orders with their own. It’s worth noting that there are only trading commissions in this exchange service.

Trading comissions 0.25% of the order volume
Withdrawal commission Missing
Commission fee for a wallet replenishing Missing

As you can see, the users are exempted from other commissions, which creates an additional benefit.

Advantage of Saturn tokens

TheSaturn protocol was designed to be transparent in transactions. The token was created in such a way as to guarantee the security of the operation on the platform. Given this fact, you know that you will never lose access to your funds. Moreover, after the transaction will be displayed on the blockchain, it can’t be stopped or canceled. The secret to success - creation a system with a shared ownership.

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