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Spirit Orb Pets v0
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Spirit Orb Pets v0 — tokens in the form of ERC721

Spirit Orb Pets v0 — digital pets that live inside computer electronics. No wonder they hit the blockchain! They changed their details to live in the form of ERC721 tokens for you to accept!


Spirit Orb Pets v0

Description of the Spirit Orb Pets v0 defi-game

These NFTs will be both collectibles and interactive digital pets. If you intend to buy and sell at a profit in the future, the developers do not promise that you will profit from purchases or resale in the secondary market, since this was not originally intended for investment. This platform is made to have fun.

7777 pets will be available at launch, each with unique base types, representing one of the 6 elements, found in Contor Land, the kingdom of pet adventure.Spirit Orb Pets v0

Spirit Orb Pets are somewhat inspired by the digital pets of your childhood, so take good care of them. Perhaps, one day they will turn into a strong fighter, a brave adventurer or just a lovable companion with whom you can have a good time.

Some features:

1 OpenSea will become the primary secondary market for buying and selling pets.
2 When the smart contract becomes available, it will be posted on Discord.
3 The minting price - 0.07 ETH per pet.

CARE tokens will be 100% redeemable for pets. They are not investments and should not be treated as such. They will help to care for your pet and to purchase pet related items in v1. Initially, the team will hold 1,000,000 tokens for possible community rewards. The rest will go to the contract.

More about the SpiritOrbPets

There is no WhitePaper document on the site. Instead, a section with answers to questions is available. A short description of the project is on the main page. The developers have published a RoadMap that highlights future updates. To access all characters in the collection, connect your MetaMask wallet.

If you want to stay up to date with all innovations, subscribe to the community on these social networks:

The smart contract doesn’t have an audit.

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Spirit Orb Pets v0 — tokens in the form of ERC721 Statistics

24 hr: 0
Total: 2.974
(2400 days)
ATH: 1.180
(Sep 28, 2021)
24 hr: 0
Total: 173.597
(2400 days)
ATH: 87.465
(Sep 29, 2021)
24 hr: 0
Total: 4.394
(2400 days)
ATH: 2.408
(Sep 28, 2021)

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