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Tokenlon - safe trading of assets in the exchanger

Tokenlon - a completely new decentralized exchange resource. Its peculiarity is that it has reached a trading volume of more than $30 million at the beta testing stage. Moreover, this indicator was noted even without marketing efforts. The service is one of the top ten DEXs with a retention rate above 70% and a constant growth of high-income users.


  1. Blockchain resource innovation
  2. Resource innovation
  3. Benefits of the dapp exchanger

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Blockchain resource innovation

Tokenlon - a standalone decentralized exchange, based on 0x system. In April 2018, imToken 2.0 introduced the embedded DEX project: Tokenlon. At that time, the resource introduced the Kyber decentralized exchange protocol and 0x. He acted as a gateway to support trade for millions of users. The original DEX has a low liquidity. It leads to the fact, that existing exchangers can’t offer good prices and speed. On July 31, 2019, the imToken, which is built into exchanger, was updated to an independent Stock Exchange. The service - a new version of DEX, based on 0x, with a modern design now. In the future, it can be used as a web application to provide services on platforms. Exchanges and wallets are included in it. ImToken has been planning a trading function from the first day. ImToken user can store his assets and trust funds for trading with the exchanger.

Resource innovation

The exchange resource Tokenlon in the process of its development has introduced a number of innovations that may interest users:

User gets the best price as soon as possible The exchange service is built on a “price pooling mechanism”. The user requests a quote, the internal server sends a request to all market participants. As a result, you will be offered the best order. It will take no more than 60 seconds to complete the exchange.
WYSIWYG with enhanced user interface Unlike other exchangers, the price that you see in real time is final. So, the amount at the time of transaction is equal to the amount that you will receive finally.
Assets are always in the hands of users, they are safe and reliable Users use smart contracts to trade with market makers directly. Thus, you don’t need to invest or transfer funds to third parties. This feature will ensure safety and reliability.

The service tries to adapt as much as possible to the user needs. It makes it attractive for trading operations.

Benefits of the dapp exchanger

After almost eight months of hard work, the exchanger can note a number of advantages:

  • Firstly, an asset security is fully controlled by the user;
  • Secondly, the fast transaction and instant settlement;
  • Thirdly, a good price, which is close to the price of a centralized exchange;
  • Fourthly, low maintenance fees and no withdrawal fees.

In a short beta period, Tokenlon has become one of the main DEX. And he will be offering more popular and reliable tokens in the nearest time. It will satisfy the needs of nearly 10 million imToken users. At the same time, the level of token retention exceeded 70%. Users prefer decentralized exchangers, because they are easy to use. The team will continue a functionality improvement in order to create the most convenient service.

An official launch on the ImToken - only the first step of Tokenlon. The team seeks to expand the capabilities of its products by providing services on different platforms. Tokenlon

Only in the first half of 2019 the market capitalization of the currency exceeded $ 300 billion. There is still much space for development in the DEX ecosystem and the Tokenlon will play an important role in this long journey.

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