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tofuNFT Fuse — a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs

tofuNFT Fuse — a full featured decentralized marketplace for buying, selling and trading NFTs, created by SCV.Finance and deployed on multiple blockchains.


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About the tofuNFT Fuse

tofuNFT is easy to use and optimized for efficient trading. It is the successor to the SCV NFT marketplace, which started as a spin-off of SCV.Finance to serve as a place for SCV NFT holders to exchange rare NFTs, and quickly grew into one of the leading NFT marketplaces. To start trading on tofuNFT, you need to use a supported wallet.

TofuNFT supports the following wallets:

1. MetaMask.
2. Wallet Connect.
3. TokenPocket.
4. Trust Wallet.
5. imToken.
6. SafePallЕ.
7. MathWallet.

In order to sell NFTs, you must visit the profile page to see all NFTs you have. tofuNFT has implemented a very powerful profile that helps you to search and filter among the NFTs in your wallet, as well as keep track of all activities, related to your NFT and wallet. There are basically 2 ways to trade NFT on tofuNFT: fixed price listing and English auction (with promotional bidding).

tofuNFT comes with a very powerful advanced filtering feature to help you to find those rare items in a few clicks.tofuNFT Fuse

Activity - an event that has taken place in the coin defi market. Nearly every transaction you make will generate an action, including listing, bidding and selling. You can request your own actions on your profile page to keep track of the NFTs you have ever sold or offered. Another way to use the activity - to add the NFT you are interested in to Favorites. You do this by pressing the "Like" button of each NFT. All activities, related to the NFT you like, can also be tracked on your profile page.

Other features of defi app

Royalty means that when an NFT is sold on the market, a percentage of the sale is distributed back to the creator of the NFT, which is usually the project team itself. tofuNFT has full royalty support. Since setting too high a fee without good reason can harm the community, projects that meet the following conditions are eligible for a royalty distribution.

Total trading volume on tofuNFT - 50 BNB (or equivalent on other networks). You can apply for an exception if you have special reasons. The royalty rate must be between 0% and 3% and must not be higher than your royalty rate in another market. List tofuNFT as official trading platforms on your website, Twitter and other official channels.

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