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BoringDAO — a decentralized asset bridge that provides access to various blockchains. The project is deployed on Ethereum and operates in a completely decentralized way.

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BoringDAO — easy access to the blockchains

BoringDAO is a decentralized bridge that connects all blockchain assets. The developers offer users a safe way to maximize the rate at which they use crypto assets.

Contents: BoringDAO dapp

Description of the BoringDAO project

BoringDAO - a decentralized bridge for asset access to all blockchains. It is user-friendly, so anyone can freely use this protocol. Non-ERC20 token can be easily converted to oToken with just one click.

For each blockchain asset, there will be an exclusive hammered tunnel, operating in the form of a DAO, and performing bi-directional mapping between blockchain assets and ERC-20 tokens.

Some features:

1.Works in the DAO-based community.
2.The bail creates the new tunnels.
3.70% of the minting fees are allocated to tunnel operators.
4.The total cost of the pledged tokens is proportional to the maximum "wrapping" limit of each tunnel.

Mint mining is a mechanism by which users can wrap their non-ERC20 tokens in oToken, such as bitcoin in oBTC and receive $ BOR as a reward. 30% of $ BOR will have a distribution through Mint Mining.

BoringDAO's mission is to help DeFi to expand its interoperability in the form of DAOs.Project developers

BTC, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, EOS and other blockchain assets and their child tokens, that have been dropped, can be converted into a wrapped token (ERC-20 token), decentralized and safely with low friction. These assets could participate in the wider DeFi world on Ethereum and finally usher in a whole new open financial era. The creation of Boring DAO expands the current DeFi landscape, and will ultimately serve as an important infrastructure that connects DeFi to the broader crypto world. Boring DAO will operate under community governance mechanisms, while BOR (BoringDAO Token) will serve as the native governance token of Boring DAO.

Additional information

Developers provide the WhitePaper document. With its help, you can find out about the rules for using the project. Also, you can find some information on the main page of the platform.

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