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Expert opinion: The price of bitcoin will reach above $50,000 before the halving.

Expert opinion: The price of bitcoin will reach above $50,000 before the halving.

Feb 9, 2024

On Friday, the price of bitcoin (BTC) reached $46,457, while altcoins also showed strong growth based on the return of capital to stock markets.

An increase in investor sentiment occurred after the announcement by the International Monetary Fund of a gradual recovery in the global economy.

A decrease in the negative impact of local political and financial crises on global processes is noted. Production activity is starting to grow, and logistics chains are recovering.

Caroline Mauron, co-founder of Orbit Markets, considers the strengthening of bitcoin to be confirmation of a global positive trend.

The launch of spot crypto funds and bitcoin ETFs in the United States reflects the growing interest of institutional investors in the digital currency market.

Crypto funds ETFs raised $8 billion in a month, while the outflow of funds from the GBTC trust decreased to $6 billion.

According to Caroline Mauron, the bitcoin exchange rate may reach the $50,000 mark before the April halving.

The expert does not exclude the possibility of exceeding this level by the BTC exchange rate in the coming weeks, provided that support remains, which may lead to even higher indicators.


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