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Yuga Labs will create its Otherside metaverse using the Msquared platform from Improbable

Yuga Labs will create its Otherside metaverse using the Msquared platform from Improbable

May 8, 2024

Yuga Labs and Improbable have joined forces to create a metaverse called Otherside, as announced during the Otherside town hall meeting.

Yuga Labs will create its Otherside metaverse using the Msquared platform from Improbable - news

At the meeting, it became known that Yuga Labs plans to transfer its metaverse to the Msquared platform, a network of interconnected virtual worlds from Improbable. The announcement came during an online session that brought together 1,200 to 1,300 participants in one digital space.

In addition, Improbable and Yuga Labs announced upcoming updates for Otherside, including a massive multiplayer event in July and a new World Builder ODK (Otherside Developer Kit). This developer toolset is an addition to Improbable's M2 ODK and will give creators new options for developing in Otherside.

Peter Lipka, COO and co-founder of Improbable, in an interview with GamesBeat, emphasized that Msquared is the company's cutting-edge technology for creating metaverses, enabling the sharing of infrastructure, assets and avatars between different metaverses. World Builder ODK offers the ability for gaming companies and other metaverse market participants to create their own virtual worlds while maintaining compatibility with core technologies.

Yuga Labs promises that the integration of Otherside into the Improbable infrastructure will provide the community with new opportunities to build on a massive scale with interoperability between existing metaverses on the Improbable network. In turn, Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable, argued in an interview that the Msquared platform allows users, including players, to create their own metaverses.

He also noted that, despite the fading interest in the concept of a metaverse after the pandemic, the idea of shared virtual spaces remains relevant. Narula also said Improbable has moved away from developing its own games, focusing on creating technology for metaverses and large interactive events such as virtual concerts and sports broadcasts. In conclusion, Yuga Labs' collaboration with Improbable in the early stages of work on Otherside, and subsequent expansion of the technical partnership, highlight the importance of collaboration between the two companies in creating new virtual worlds


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