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Adidas presented the debut collection of NFT "Virtual Gear"

Adidas presented the debut collection of NFT "Virtual Gear"

Nov 18, 2022

Sportswear firm Adidas has launched a series of non-fungible tokens, made up of blockchain-based digital apparel and accessories.

This NFT collection is called Virtual Gear. The presentation of the NFT series is a great motivation for Adidas to become a more perfect and transparent metaverse for every member of the community. Those who own the capsule collection, released in May, will have access to 16 items in their personal wallets.

Adidas NFT owners are reportedly required to "burn" their personal NFT Capsule in order to randomly generate 1 out of 16 NFTs. Those who do not have Capsule NFT can buy Virtual Gear exclusively on NFT trading platforms from 11/16/2022.

Community members who own NFTs and partner token series (BAYC, MAYC, Inhabitants) have the ability to dress up their personal NFTs with Adidas digital apparel and accessories, thanks to the soon-to-be-available PFP tool.


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