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Bitcoin quotes rose sharply by almost $1,000

Bitcoin quotes rose sharply by almost $1,000

Nov 14, 2022

Analysts noted a sharp jump in the price of bitcoin on November 14, 2022. After the currency stopped at $15.8 thousand, the value of BTC has increased by almost $1,000 and stands at $16,734 now. It is worth noting that before the sharp rise in price, the digital coin was on the verge of reaching lows of $15.5 thousand, which were not there for 2 years.

The market capitalization of the coin has reached $316 billion. The daily trading volume is almost $27 billion.

The total value of all digital currencies decreased in 24 hours to $863 billion. The situation with FTX and its bankruptcy influenced the fall of the crypto market.

There are many opinions about how Bitcoin will behave in the future. For example, experts recently suggested that bitcoin will cost $63,000 in two years.


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