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Coinbase CEO announces the release of biopic

Coinbase CEO announces the release of biopic

Oct 5, 2022

Streaming platforms Amazon Prime, iTunes and YouTube will soon release a documentary about the co-founder and CEO of the Coinbase exchange.

Documentary filmmaker Greg Koch and his team have captured the ups and downs of the last three years, thanks to having "access to the kitchen" of Armstrong's firm. The director told reporters that the documentary will show “the good, the bad and even the ugly,” everything that accompanied the creation of a technology startup from the very bottom to becoming a public company.

I took on this documentary to show what it takes to build a tech startup. My goal - to show that developers are ordinary people who are able to create products that will be in demand. That cryptocurrency is not as scary as it seems and it encourages many people not to be afraid to create something new.Greg Koch

Veritaseum Capital has filed charges against cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, alleging that the exchange has infringed patent rights for the use of cryptocurrency payment technology and is seeking $350 million in damages.


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