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Crypto exchange Bitvo has not agreed to cooperate with FTX

Crypto exchange Bitvo has not agreed to cooperate with FTX

Nov 18, 2022

Trading platform Bitvo rejected the possibility of working with FTX, arguing that the site had not previously sold tokens from the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange.

One of Bitvo's shareholders, Pateno Payments, stopped the deal to buy FTX Canada and FTX Trading. Representatives of the crypto platform claim that Bitvo continues to operate normally, and this situation has absolutely no effect on its work, and all operations and transactions are carried out strictly according to plan.

Also, Bitvo from the very beginning of its work has always been an independent platform for the implementation of cryptocurrencies and assures that it has absolutely nothing to do with the collapse of FTX, since FTTs have never been placed on it.

We do not work with clients "in debt". And always adhered to this principle. This also confirms our position as a "dealer with limited capacity", set by the Canadian securities regulators.Bitvo

The employees of the organization do not hide their joy that the deal fell through, as they understand how this could affect the work of the entire crypto exchange. It should be noted that there is an element of luck in this, because the deal, they made in June, was awaiting the approval of the Alberta Securities Commission, but they were delayed with the review.


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