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DeFi will help to avoid problems with a liquidity crisis

DeFi will help to avoid problems with a liquidity crisis

Nov 18, 2022

Matt Huang, co-founder of investment firm Paradigm, believes that DeFi can help to improve the security and transparency of the cryptocurrency industry.

He states that due to the problems that have arisen with the FTX crypto exchange, many investors have questioned the value of cryptocurrencies. Matt says that the near future will be difficult for the cryptocurrency industry, but he is optimistic about the situation and believes in its further development.

In his opinion, DeFi will be able to easily eliminate the risks of insolvency of crypto companies. After all, the FTX situation has demonstrated all advantages of decentralization, which is the basis of the concept of cryptocurrencies.

Information about the Alameda organization, the FTX crypto exchange and its creator Sam Bankman-Fried shocked us. In connection with all the new facts, emerging to this day, many more new lessons await us. Our company deeply regrets investing in an organization that has affected so many users.Matt Huang

Matt stated that his company had little investment in FTX. Paradigma has never traded on this crypto exchange, held assets or invested in FTT, SRM, MAPS and OXY. Paradigm recently announced that they are launching a $2.5 billion fund to fund DeFi protocols.

Binance CEO agrees with Matt. He has a similar point of view on this. Changpeng Zhao said that the development of the DeFi sector will allow users to forget about centralized exchanges.


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