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IBEX Pay Announces Exit from US Market

May 19, 2024

IBEX Pay, a company specializing in Bitcoin Lightning Network-based payment services, has revealed its decision to withdraw from the American market, effective May 31, 2024. This move is part of a broader trend of increasing difficulties faced by cryptocurrency businesses operating in the United States.

Various recent events, such as the closure of Samourai Wallet and AgoraDesk, as well as the legal actions against individuals working in the cryptocurrency sector, demonstrate the challenging environment for privacy-focused initiatives within the US. Notably, IBEX Pay provided users with a convenient way to conduct Bitcoin payments using the Lightning Network and facilitated payment solutions for businesses.

The decision to suspend services in the US stems from careful deliberation, reflecting the company's concerns over potential regulatory risks. In contrast, countries like Switzerland and El Salvador have embraced more favorable regulatory approaches towards cryptocurrency innovation. These developments may lead users to seek alternative solutions that prioritize autonomy, such as LNBits or BTCPay.


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