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Forever Has Fallen Creates a story-driven metaverse

Forever Has Fallen Creates a story-driven metaverse

Mar 23, 2024

"Forever Has Fallen" is a new metaverse built around an exciting storyline. In this virtual world, players take on the role of bounty hunters, immersing themselves in captivating mysteries and solving puzzles.

The central storyline of "Forever Has Fallen" revolves around the collapse of the "Forever Social" company, linked to the accusation of the murder of Swedish tycoon Carl-Axel Mattiasson, leading to the downfall of his firm. Players are tasked with exploring this intriguing story, listening to high-quality audio narratives, and completing missions that involve finding hidden clues on fictional websites and dynamic interactions on social networks.

Utilizing blockchain technology, "Forever Has Fallen" offers a collaborative and expansive storytelling experience, inviting players to unravel the main question: how did "Forever" fall? The game introduces an innovative NFT ticketing system, ensuring that each mystery solved is properly acknowledged and rewarded, enhancing interest in virtual adventures. The game employs Headhunter Tickets (BHT), built on the Polkadot parachain network Unique Network, transforming the NFT ticketing system in the game, providing access to diverse and exciting experiences.

Players can easily purchase and exchange 3 BHT for $10 each through the ecosystem's specialized market, enabling them to engage with a multitude of digital events. It is worth noting that these NFTs recently achieved a record creation rate - 4930 per minute, surpassing industry standards and setting a new level of efficiency and accessibility.

In a recent press release, the project creators expressed their excitement about "Forever Has Fallen" and highlighted significant achievements made during its development, including voting systems, events, market improvements, and the upcoming game's native token, Forever Coin ($FC), among others.


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