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Fraudsters use front man services to bypass KYC

Fraudsters use front man services to bypass KYC

Nov 18, 2022

According to information, provided by blockchain security company CertiK, scammers are increasingly using front men when launching cryptocurrency projects. Fraudsters find them on the darknet website, in various closed Telegram channels, Discord and in underground markets. The cost of this service is only $8. The price can go up to $20-30 if user verification is required.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that scammers use the services of figureheads, because the profit from various schemes with digital currencies can be millions of dollars. CertiK experts stated that the cost of the verification service may vary. It all depends on the nationality of the figurehead. In a country where the level of risk of money laundering is lower, the price of verification will be higher.

Fraudulent startups may hire front men for the CEO role. But the price for this service will be much higher. Approximately $500 per week. Also, on the expanses of the darknet, they often use the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat money. 

Earlier, information came out that BNB Chain is most often used to launch fraudulent crypto projects. This year, the number of such projects in all blockchains has exceeded 100,000.


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