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Industrial metaverse will save Renault $330 million

Industrial metaverse will save Renault $330 million

Nov 17, 2022

Representatives of the automotive company Renault announced the launch of an industrial metaverse, based on certain processes, that track what happens on production lines. In this industrial world, the interaction of production lines is included, the supervision of the entire supply chain.

Until 2025, the introduction of this technology will provide benefits and cost savings for Renault. Approximately 330 million dollars will be this amount. The company predicts that with the help of the industrial metaverse, delivery times will be reduced by sixty percent and the carbon footprint of the production of cars will be reduced by fifty percent. Also, warranty costs will be reduced by about 60%.

The industrial sites of Groupe Renault collect a lot of data every day. Metaverse monitors everything in real time and with the help of this increases the flexibility, adaptability of industrial processes, the quality of work and the consistency of deliveries.Jose Vicente de Los Mozos

The system that powers Renault's Metaverse is based on digital replicas of the factories and workflows, run by the firm, but in a virtual universe.

All data is sent to this system from enterprises and production processes, equipped with a global information collection solution, called "email protected". At the moment, such a solution has been proposed to other companies.  


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