PolyCub - a profitability optimizer at Polygon

PolyCub - a profitability optimizer at Polygon

PolyCub - a profitability optimizer at Polygon
PolyCub - a profitability optimizer at Polygon

PolyCUB — a yield optimizer platform that provides DeFi users with a safe and easy way to learn about yield and make money on the Polygon network. The platform was created by the LeoFinance project, which has created about a dozen applications in the crypto space over the past 3 years and continues to create blockchain-based applications such as leofinance.io, cubdefi.com, polycub.com and many more.


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About the PolyCub project

This is no ordinary farming platform. The developers created a fork of the xSUSHI contract and added it to the platform mechanics. In addition to the revenue, generated by the underlying platforms (e.g. Quickswap, Sushiswap, etc.), Poly CUB Kingdoms also pay out revenue in the form of POLY CUB tokens. Farmers generate income from auto compounding on platforms such as Quickswap and Sushiswap. They are automatically added to their deposited balance and can be withdrawn at any time. Apart from this standard harvest, farmers also earn POLY CUB tokens.

Other features:

1 When a farmer earns POLY CUB from staking LP tokens, they are locked for 90 days.
2 Farmers can claim their POLY CUB crop at any time, but if they claim it before the 90 day unlock period, 50% of their crop will come back to the xPOLYCUB contract.

A farmer who claims his harvest early (before the 90-day unlock period) receives 50% of his earnings. The remaining 50% comes back to the xPOLYCUB staking contract and can be claimed by users who stake POLYCUB in xPOLYCUB. PolyCUB vaults automate the process of generating income from the underlying platform (e.g. QuickSwap/Sushiswap) and combine it with each user's underlying deposit position. This greatly reduces gas costs, saves time from manual connections and maximizes the potential profit you can earn.

More about defi app

Users who earn POLYCUB (especially those who hold CUB for the POLYCUB Airdrop) have a huge advantage, who wager POLYCUB in xPOLYCUB. The reason for this is primarily due to penalties for early harvesting. Especially on the initial launch of PolyCUB, there is a lot of capital flowing into the Kingdoms vaults. Some of this capital comes from the core Cub/LeoFinance Web3 community. Much of this capital is also external to this core community, coming from a variety of places in the Polygon ecosystem.

With all the PR the LeoFinance community is doing for the Poly CUB launch, there is a massive influx of TVL outside of the kingdoms. Most of this capital may decide to collect their POLY CUB ahead of schedule.PolyCub

Anyone can get their earned POLY CUB from the harvest at any time. If they choose to claim it before the X Block Staking Period unlocks the claim, they will pay a 50% harvest penalty (50% of their POLYCUBs they unlock will go to the xPOLYCUB pool).


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