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TSM organization refuses to cooperate with FTX

TSM organization refuses to cooperate with FTX

Nov 17, 2022

Team SoloMid (TSM), an esports development company, based in the United States, has announced the termination of its contract with FTX. The TSM team has been considering this issue for a long time and has been monitoring the situation around the crypto exchange.

The deal, worth $210 million, went through in June 2021. TSM received a new name - TSM FTX. As part of the partnership, it was planned to develop offices in different parts of the world. 

Team SoloMid will work to remove FTX from the project name, released merchandise, as well as team and player social media profiles.

The head of TSM assured clients and sponsors that their digital coins are safe for now and the collapse of FTX will not have a negative impact on the future plans of the esports organization.


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