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Blockchain Games: Hamster Kombat, Blum, and Other "Clickers" with Crypto Earnings

Jun 14, 2024
Blockchain Games: Hamster Kombat, Blum, and Other "Clickers" with Crypto Earnings

In the modern gaming world, "clickers" - games based on simple "mining" mechanics of cryptocurrency - are becoming increasingly popular. Games available in messengers offer a simple and engaging way to get acquainted with cryptocurrency and earn real income.

Hamster Kombat, Blum - names familiar to many who seek a simple and engaging way to get acquainted with cryptocurrency while earning real income. Available in messengers, "clickers" do not require special knowledge or skills, making the world of cryptocurrencies closer and more understandable.

Developers of such applications call them a new tool for attracting users to cryptocurrencies, while skeptics doubt their long-term prospects.


Clicker Games

The Rise of Notcoin: Exchange Hype or Sustainable Growth?

The debut of the NOT token from the game Notcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges provided users of such applications with additional motivation. Even less active players could cash out the tokens earned in the game for amounts ranging from $100 to $1000 after the listing. Influencers who attracted players through the referral system and received additional coins for their activity earned significantly more.

Pavel Durov has repeatedly commented on the success of Notcoin, particularly emphasizing that Telegram's social infrastructure will support similar projects. This positively impacted the popularity of the game Hamster Kombat and the developing cryptocurrency exchange application Blum, where users are attracted through a simple game and earning in-game currency Blum points. Both applications are marked as "editor's choice" in the Telegram Apps Center - the messenger's mini-apps catalog.

Notcoin and Hamster Kombat in the Telegram Apps Center catalog

Hamster Kombat is a game where you can earn in-game coins by simply clicking on a hamster image button and using additional bonuses representing elements of promoting a virtual cryptocurrency exchange. Bonuses are also awarded for watching game videos on YouTube and attracting users through the referral system. The developers of Hamster Kombat have already announced plans to list the token on exchanges but have not specified exact dates yet.

Crypto-Earning Games in Telegram

Amid the bull market, new tokens and popular games with their own cryptocurrencies emerge. Names like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity are well known, but now games launched in Telegram are overshadowing them in popularity.

  • Notcoin - a vivid example. At its peak, it had 6 million active daily players with 35 million registered users.
  • Catizen - another similar game - reportedly has over 2 million daily active players. The scale is impressive.
  • The Hamster Kombat channel on Telegram has over 34 million subscribers.
  • The Blum channel has over 10 million subscribers. 

These last two projects are among the top 5 largest Telegram channels in the world.

Blum demonstrated how to use Telegram and mini-apps effectively. In a month, Blum's user count grew from 2 million to 20 million, said Gleb Kostarev, head and co-founder of Blum.

Notcoin, he says, has shown that mini-apps in Telegram can be an excellent channel for attracting users. The "clicker" market is growing rapidly. New mini-apps using similar mechanics are emerging. However, as Kostarev notes, "sooner or later, users will get tired of just tapping the screen."

In the future, demand will shift towards more specialized mini-apps related to specific cases, such as trading.

Kostarev is confident that the TON ecosystem will benefit from the development of such mini-apps. Although these applications can be launched on any blockchain, many prefer to build on TON, considering it native for use in Telegram.

Durov Declares Notcoin's Success: What It Means for Cryptocurrencies in Telegram

Anton Toroptsev, marketing director of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, noted that "clickers" focus on seamless integration with Telegram. This suggests that crypto projects see the Telegram audience as a receptive public, ready to embrace new products and spend a lot of time in the messenger.

According to Toroptsev, Notcoin's success demonstrated the effectiveness of the tap-to-earn model, with the key factor being the absence of the need for a subscription or NFT purchase. The "nothing to lose but much to gain" model proved to be an excellent means for quickly growing the user base.

However, this model cannot exist forever. Therefore, the future success of a "clicker" depends on the tasks it will solve with the help of the multi-million user community. Notcoin, for example, is now positioning itself as a promotional platform where young projects can present their products, and users are rewarded for it.

Clicker Games as a User Attraction Tool

Senior analyst at Nikita Zuborev believes that the Notcoin case has shown that a clicker game alone has no long-term prospects. The game's developers quickly realized that new mechanics were necessary for the project's development, in their case - advertising tasks.

The expert is confident that new projects trying to follow the early Notcoin path are likely doomed to fail.

The Fate of Clicker Game Tokens: Rise, Fall, and Prospects

In 2020-2021, during the cryptocurrency bull market, the game Axie Infinity reached the peak of popularity. The number of active daily players exceeded 2.8 million. It became particularly popular in Southeast Asia, where it became a source of income for many.

However, by 2024, Axie Infinity player activity had dropped more than a thousandfold. The price of the AXS token fell more than 90% from its peak in February 2022.

The Notcoin token, released in May 2024, sharply rose after two weeks of price decline, reaching a peak of $0.29 on June 2. As of June 12, its price is $0.18 with a market capitalization of over $1.8 billion.

Token Max. Price Date Market Cap (as of 12.06.2024)
AXS $277.60 06.11.2021 $3.6 billion
NOT $0.029 02.06.2024 $1.8 billion
Toncoin $7.28 11.06.2024 $720 million

On June 17, the token of the game Hamster Kombat will be added to the KuCoin exchange. The preliminary price is unknown, and the token launch and listing on exchanges are planned for July.

Analyst Nikita Zuborev predicts that it is unlikely for other "clickers" to replicate Notcoin's success.

Too many factors contributed to its success, he says.

Experts note that there is insufficient price history to analyze clicker game tokens. According to Viktor Pershikov, newly listed tokens on exchanges will be quite challenging to analyze.

For many assets, listing on an exchange is the "final point" when token holders sell them, and investors receive the equivalent of their investments. But "many assets begin an active trading life" if the marketing and community activity do not end after their listing on exchanges.

Liquidity and capitalization are important trading elements, explains Pershikov.

The effectiveness of analysis and trading will be extremely low on assets with low liquidity, where there is only one major market maker.


The clicker game market in Telegram is experiencing rapid growth. Millions of users play these games daily to earn cryptocurrency, and the success of projects like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat demonstrates the potential of this model.

However, it is important to understand that the future of clicker game tokens is uncertain. Some of them may quickly lose their appeal and depreciate, as happened with AXS. Others, with a competent development strategy, may show significant growth. It is important to consider not only the popularity of the game but also community activity, marketing strategy, and the overall dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Only with such an approach can one make an informed choice and minimize risks.

Despite the fact that clicker games in Telegram represent an interesting and rapidly developing area with great potential, investors need to approach investments in these game tokens with caution.

In addition to analyzing the factors listed above, it is also important to diversify your portfolio and not invest all your funds in one project.


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