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Bit Country - the era of new digital worlds

Bit.Country is a revolutionary platform that opens new horizons in the creation and management of metaverses. It's a place where every user can become the creator of their own digital reality, develop communities, and interact using NFT and blockchain technologies.


What is Bit.Country?

Bit.Country specializes in providing Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) to all networks. The first decentralized application (dApp) offers users tools for creating and customizing a metaverse, managing and motivating a community, as well as minting and trading NFTs. Users can enjoy games, education, and networking. Bit.Country is a multi-metaverse, meaning it supports several independent universes. Each has a unique owner, which can be an enterprise, a group with common interests, or an individual. No technical skills or downloads are required to get started. It's a browser-based application that gives users complete freedom to explore and create.

We prioritize making the metaverse accessible, engaging, easy to use, and fun. Bit.Country will become your go-to application for everything related to the metaverse.

On Bit.Country, you can create the foundations of a metaverse within minutes. After creating, you need to build it. Worlds in Bit.Country are built using 3D models, minted as NFTs, and voxels. By hosting numerous metaverses across multiple networks, Bit.Country will become a stronghold of future online interactions, entertainment, commerce, and beyond.

Blockchain company and types of land ownership

Metaverse.Network is the project's own blockchain network based on Substrate. The blockchain is specially created and open for virtual reality projects, meaning no high gas fees for interacting or conducting transactions on the network. Bit.Country is the first application based on virtual worlds, built on the Metaverse.Network. The blockchain is connected as a parachain to the Polkadot network, Kusama blockchain.

In Bit.Country, there are four levels of land ownership:

Type Description
Raw land block A land block that has not been deployed into any Metaverse. The number is limited. The Treasury issues raw blocks. The issue is subject to community voting. 
Land block Transforms into 100 separate land units, arranged in a 10 by 10 square, after deployment into the Metaverse. Each unit is 100 sq.m. The total area is 10,000 sq.m. Deployment is irreversible.
Land unit The smallest land unit. Size is 10m by 10m, total area is 100 sq.m.
Estate Increases the buildable area to be larger than 1 land unit. Created by merging at least 2 land units. Creation is irreversible.

Staking in Bit.Country

This resource offers 2 types of staking for its users. Staking NEER provides an opportunity for users to support the network and earn rewards. The minimum amount of tokens that can be staked is 100 NEER. This process allows users not only to support the network's operation but also to receive rewards for their activity. 

Staking estates in Bit.Country offers the opportunity to earn additional rewards in $BIT by placing $NEER on your estates. This is an additional way for $NEER holders to maximize their rewards in $BIT.

The size of your $BIT reward after staking an estate depends on several factors, including:

  • The amount of $NEER placed on your estate.
  • The size of your estate.
  • The location of your estate.
  • The size of the metaverse where your estate is located.
  • The distance of your metaverse from the source.

Even if your estate is not located in Kaosland, you can still stake it, considering the factors mentioned above. The maximum amount for staking is 1000 $NEER per land unit. For example, if you have an estate of four land units, you can stake from 100 to 4000 $NEER.

NFT Marketplace on Bit.Country

The Bit.Country platform features two types of NFT Marketplaces: The Local NFT Marketplace and the Global NFT Search.

Local NFT Marketplace

Each Metaverse has a local NFT marketplace. It's a place where users can buy and sell NFTs from collections that have been approved for sale in that Metaverse.

The owner is responsible for approving the list of NFT collections. To place their collection, they must have an NFT Authorization Activation pass and authorize digital assets. After that, other users will be able to request permission. It is in the owner's interest to create such a pass, as it will allow more NFTs to be placed on the local NFT platform and attract more traffic.

Global NFT marketplace

This feature is the universal marketplace for all Metaverses on Bit.Country. It will be the most active market on the platform. No login is required to view NFTs on the Global NFT Marketplace. It is open for general viewing.

To make the asset searchable in the Global NFT Marketplace, it must be listed for sale on the Local NFT Market of the Metaverse. If the owner of the Metaverse has a pass for activating the Global NFT Search, then all approved assets will be displayed in the Global Search. To check if the plot owner has such a pass, look at the Metaverse's homepage for activated features.

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