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The Great Escape - upgrade your avatars and earn money

"The Great Escape" is a new generation of Play-to-Earn game, available on browsers and mobile devices. Players control an ape character on the map, collect fruits, kill enemies, and avoid traps to score as many points as possible within a 120-second time limit.


Development of The Great Escape

The Great Escape is an exciting hyper-casual platform game with a tropical vibe. Players control an adventurous ape character on a dynamic map, and the goal is to score as many points as possible within the 120-second time limit. To achieve this goal, it's necessary to collect various fruits while avoiding their rotten counterparts, overcome enemies, and strategically maximize your score.

Embark on a fun fruit-collecting adventure with your ape!

Collecting rotten fruits will lead to penalties on users' scores. In addition to this, players will encounter enemies, and overcoming them will affect the users' scores:

Aspect Description
Encountering Enemies Each map is inhabited by numerous enemies that can harm your ape character. When an enemy touches you, your health decreases. Keep an eye on your health bar, indicated by the blinking red aura when damaged. If your health drops to 0, the game session ends.
Defeating Enemies Although enemies pose a threat, they also provide an opportunity to earn points. Jump on top of enemies or shoot them with your banana gun to eliminate them and earn points based on their size.

NFT Avatars

Upon creating a player account, the user receives a gibbon as their in-game avatar. The game starts at level 1, and as you play, there is an opportunity to upgrade it to level 20. To unlock the next level of evolution, users must accumulate experience (xp), which is earned by scoring points in the game. For every point scored, the user receives 1 xp. There is also an evolution fee.

Regardless of its level, the game character can play up to 3 games every 8 hours. After 3 games, the energy bar will be depleted, and users must wait 8 hours to recover their games.

Each time upgrading the gibbon, users receive skill credits. These valuable credits can be used to enhance the character's abilities in four areas:

  • HP;
  • Jump;
  • Speed;
  • Gastric Resistance (reducing point loss when consuming bad fruits).

By strategically using their skill credits, users can optimize their gibbon's performance and create a strong avatar that will help win competitive rewards in the game.

The Great Escape DAO Organization

In addition to gibbons, The Great Escape also features four other types of apes: gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and bonobos. These 3333 apes make up the NFT GLMR Jungle collection. They can be used to play the game.

Each of them has a special power, giving them a slight advantage over other types.

  • Gorillas have 25% more health, making them more resilient to enemy attacks. They excel on maps populated with enemies.
  • Chimpanzees move 25% faster than other types. They can easily reach the end of the map and collect the final letter or reach fruit-rich areas.
  • Orangutans jump 25% higher. They are very useful for reaching higher platforms, which are usually safer areas.
  • Bonobos offer a more balanced experience. They have 12.5% more health, move 12.5% faster, and jump 12.5% higher than other apes. They are quite good at everything.

Depending on the map and the user's playing style, users will find that it's best to play with one type of ape or another.


GLMR APES became the first NFT collection to be completely sold out on Moonbeam and initially started as nothing other than a cool PFP collection. However, as the project gained popularity, there was a quick demand from the community to self-organize in the form of a DAO. After developing a unique management system based on weekly snapshot voting, DAO GLMR APES decided to release a second NFT collection that became playable in the game "The Great Escape". The 1001 original GLMR APES NFTs have their character in the game and compete for both the classic prize pool and a special prize pool called GLMA MODE.

The GLMR APES in-game characters possess very strong specifications compared to other types. They all rank very high in terms of Speed, HP, and Jump abilities but do not have any gastric resistance.

In addition to being an excellent in-game character, GLMR APES holders are also de facto members of the GLMR APES DAO. GLMR APES holders have access to the exclusive "Happy Jungle" channel on Discord. This channel is intended for discussing governance and voting, as well as being a place for all GLMR APES holders to talk. As DAO members, GLMR APES vote on a weekly basis on a wide range of proposals related to the game, including: maps, characters, game mechanics, new items, etc. 

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