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The launch of Euro Tether on Bitunix is imminent

The launch of Euro Tether on Bitunix is imminent

Nov 20, 2023

Tether, the organization responsible for the widely-used USDT stablecoin, has announced its plans to introduce a cryptocurrency pegged to the euro on Bitunix, a newly-established digital asset exchange with a focus on the European market.

In a recent Twitter announcement, Tether revealed its upcoming launch of Euro Tether (EUR₮) on the Bitunix platform. This move signifies Tether's expansion beyond its flagship USDT stablecoin, venturing into the realm of fiat-pegged digital currencies.

Tether, in essence, issues blockchain-based tokens that maintain a value equal to traditional currencies like the US dollar. USDT, the USD-backed token, is currently the most prevalent stablecoin within the cryptocurrency markets. Tether's overarching goal is to provide the stability of fiat currencies along with the agility and efficiency inherent to cryptocurrencies.

The company has progressively introduced stablecoins linked to various global currencies. In addition to USDT, it currently offers tokens pegged to the Euro, Chinese Yuan, and Mexican Peso. The introduction of EUR₮ will be its latest addition to this lineup of currency-backed stablecoins.

Bitunix, on the other hand, is a newly-established cryptocurrency exchange that specifically targets the European market. Headquartered in Estonia, this exchange aims to provide a wide array of trading options for European cryptocurrency investors.

Despite its recent inception, Bitunix has rapidly expanded its selection of supported coins and is now set to integrate Tether's EUR₮.

The launch of EUR₮ on Bitunix is expected to enhance the exchange's offerings for European traders. Euro-pegged stablecoins like EUR₮ offer cryptocurrency holders a means to hedge against market volatility while remaining within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The presence of a stable asset linked to the Euro could significantly boost Bitunix's appeal among regional traders who predominantly use euros. Moreover, the availability of EUR₮ is likely to streamline the process of transferring funds to the exchange for European users.

This integration underscores Tether's ongoing efforts to make its stablecoins accessible across various exchanges and blockchain networks. As the most widely adopted stablecoin, the success of USDT has demonstrated the substantial demand among cryptocurrency investors for assets that provide stability. For both Tether and Bitunix, the introduction of Euro Tether presents opportunities for expanded market reach.


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