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Guide to The Sandbox Voxel Creator

Guide to The Sandbox Voxel Creator

Apr 27, 2024

VoxEdit, known as The Sandbox's Voxel Creator, is the leading software that enables creators to shape, rig, and animate voxel-based NFTs. This program allows every creator to enter the vibrant market of The Sandbox. Thanks to its intuitive interface and robust toolset, VoxEdit attracts creators of all skill levels to dive into digital creativity for the metaverse.

Participants can create their own voxel-based assets by first downloading VoxEdit for free and then start creating for the Metaverse. They can also mint and sell their creations as NFTs in the marketplace. However, specific steps have been provided that creators must follow when exporting their creations to the market. Additionally, through VoxEdit, many voxel artists have gained unprecedented access to a global audience eager to acquire unique NFTs.

Moreover, VoxEdit has received various endorsements from seasoned professionals such as William Santacruz, Alex Florez, and Nicolas Morrone. This has strengthened the software’s reputation as the primary tool for voxel creation, offering both simplicity and versatility.

The Voxel Creator software is developed with several remarkable features that help enhance each creator’s experience. These include the Modeler, Animator, and Block Editor. The Animator acts as a game-changer in the voxel creation world as it allows creators to animate objects of their choice, although this is limited to using the provided timeline in an easy-to-use keyframing mode.

Furthermore, creators can make their own building blocks for the Metaverse, which can then be used to create various structures, paths, boundaries, terrain, and landscapes.


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